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Ladybirds Posts: 445
Hi girls, I'm thinking of booking the Royal Marine Hotel for a two night stay in November for our 'real anniversary'. I have a voucher for the Heatons Hotel Breaks for 2 nights B&B and one evening meal for €99 pp. I've had a look on Trip Advisor and the reports are varying wildly! Does anyone have any experience of the hotel and spa? I'm thinking we could also get the Dart/Luas to Dublin - is that something that's doable? Thanks in advance xx
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Yes, the Dart is very do-able to town...the station in Dun Laoghaire is no more than a 5 minute walk from the front door. I haven't been into the hotel in years, but I am pretty sure my Mam was there for dinner in recent months and enjoyed it. For the price of the package, I think I'd risk it!
gillette Posts: 1803
Hi Ladybirds, That's a super price! I've stayed there three times now; once we got one of the 'business' or 'executive' rooms, (i cant remember which) and it was lovely and spacious with a nice bathroom and cool flat screen tv but the view was awful - it looked out onto the back of the shopping centre car park. The other two times we've stayed there, we had fabulous rooms to the front of the building so, when booking, I'd tell them you're celebrating some kind of anniversary and that you'd love a seaview/room at the front. I found the receptionists a bit hit and miss - there are some lovely people and one absolute weapon (that's a whole other story regarding a really good friends wedding but my lord, she was awful) so say it again checking in. The breakfast is yummy and the pool area, while not huge, is nice. I didn't try the spa but i've heard good things about it. Ditto the restaurant - anyone I know who's eaten there really liked it. So, in short, I'd recommend it at a higher price than you're paying so I'd definitely recommend it at that price!
Positano Posts: 69
Spa in Royal Marine is great. I go there all the time.
admin Posts: 1822
[quote="Positano":jo7ibyq0]Spa in Royal Marine is great. I go there all the time.[/quote:jo7ibyq0] Love it too! Except just make sure youre on time! Was busy eating in the bar that i was late for my massage and she gave out to me!! :-8 Runied the moment. I know it was my own fault but i was spending money in the hotel!
Ladybirds Posts: 445
Thanks for all the positive reports girls. I was a bit worried at the price being soooo good!! I think I might treat myself to a treatment at the spa too. Anything you guys suggest? I'm really looking forward to it now :) We're not going abroad this year so I'm dying to get away!