RSVP Date for wedding abroad?

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anika Posts: 2194
We are getting married abroad and as im doing my own invites at the moment i was wondering how many weeks before the wedding should i ask for RSVPs? Our wedding isn't until June 2010, so would it be to early to ask people to reply two months in advance? Invites will go out (incl. information pack) 6 months before wedding as we don't do Save The Dates.
shoppergal Posts: 1179
I don't think that's too soon. If people are going they'll know by then. We're getting married in May 2010 and are sending out the invites in October and I'm putting end of feb for rsvps.
LuckyBride09 Posts: 83
With a wedding abroad I think a years notice is perfectly acceptable - I got an invite for a friends spanish wedding 18 months in advance and I didn't think it odd. Congratulations & good luck with the planning
kookiegal Posts: 1150
LV Posts: 175
We sent our invites out for May 09 wedding at end Nov 08 with rsvp by end Jan 09. Didn't bother with Save the date. Nobody seemed to mind and got all rsvps back. LV
hannaho Posts: 48
We are getting married abroad the end of May this year, we sent info out in October 2008. The invites are going out now and I'm putting May 1st as RSVP. Most people have their flights booked already anyway. The sooner you let people know the better really. In October we sent save the date magnets so people could just put them on their fridges and would not forget :-) I've put a small travel guide with them as well just to give some tips etc. Hope that helps. M
spanishbride08 Posts: 413
We had an RSVP date for two months before our wedding, at that stage with going abroad, people will more than likely have their travel arrangements made / time booked off etc, so they should be able to give you an answer.
anika Posts: 2194
thanks girls. ye are a great help, at least now i don't feel like i send them out to early. we decided now to send invites 6 months before wedding and put march down for rsvps to be sent back. people know by now already anyway that we are getting married next year so i dont see a point in sending save the dates. thanks for your help :thnk