RSVP for Evening Invites??

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shazza k Posts: 525
HI Ladies Just wanted to ask have you put an RSVP on evening invites and if so how far in advance do you get them to reply? I wasnt going to put any RSVP on them as I cant imagine we wud get many responses for H2B friends ie. there realy lads!! and we are giving out a few group invites (work, and H2B football and hurling team) so not sure how this would work. Its just that I am worried about the evening food! :eek ! Do we need to order extra if there are more people comming to the afters and how much extra should we go for if I dont know how many extra people are comming???? Wedding calculations are soooo difficult!!
WexfordBride2011 Posts: 25
I was wondering about this too....nyone I've asked have said it's not the done thing to have reply cards for the evening invites...?? But like you I'm wondering about how much evening food to order O:|
sapphire lady Posts: 32
I'd say no need for RSVPs for evening invites. The hotel usually caters for 50-75% of your final numbers for the full meal for evening food. Most people who have been at the full meal will not want evening food so and those that arriving will probably have had dinner already! So this is usually plenty! Hope this is some help! :)