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blondebabe Posts: 37
Hi our rsvp date was monday and im still waiting on about 20 people to get back to me, should i just assume these people are not going and dont think its important to tell me or should i embarrass them all with a "you never replied phone call" ??? O:| why cant people just let u know either way, i wouldnt dream or not rsvping even before i was planning my wedding its the first thing i would of done ! thanks :thnk
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Some people are inclined to think 'sure you know I'm coming, why would I rsvp' I'd give them a buzz just to be sure.
blondebabe Posts: 37
ya ive had a few of them, i dont mind that i just marked them off my list but most of the people who havent let us know are h2b's family like aunts and uncles i wont see at all some i havent even met ! think ill just ring and say "oh we never got your card, it might have gotten lost in the post " ???
jemm27 Posts: 200
I know the feeling our rsvp date was last friday & still waiting on 14 people to rsvp & to make it worse I put stamps on the rsvp envelopes so how difficult can it be to tick a box & post the reply! >:o( I'm giving them until tomorrow to reply & then I'm going to ring the culprits over the w/end but I just think it's very bad manners! :wv
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Well, if it were me, and it was h2b's family, then I'd get [i:1mq3c12q]him[/i:1mq3c12q] to ring, it'd be his first wedding related job anyway! :o0
honeyec Posts: 969
Just ring and ask are they coming or not - what's the big deal???
blondebabe Posts: 37
ya mrs blues that can be his job alright....the ones on my side i will do its not a big deal honeyec but when you go to the trouble and expence of sending stamp addressed rsvp cards with your invitations some people should have a respect and manners to reply ;o( ah ill sort it out over the weekend !
mrskelly Posts: 203
I'm sure we're gonna have the same problem. Although I have to say with our lot I will be expecting more than 20 no-shows on the rsvp cards. It is very bad manners, especially when you've gone to trouble of including card and stamping the bloody thing. some people, eh? O:| Let us know how you get on over the weekend if you do call them???
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
I'm sure its the same for everyone, frustrating though giving the fact you give the RSVPs already stamped, how hard is it to tick a box and put in the post box.... I'm sure we are going to have the same problem with people not returning them but sure what can you do except pick up the phone and find out for sure.
marianf Posts: 5845
I would ring and see if they are coming. I would make sure that I wasnt rude though because 3 invites didnt arrive for my brothers wedding. Luckily 2 were to family so there was no big deal but one was to a family friend of the brides mother. She couldnt understand why her friend wasnt mentioning the wedding so she asked her if she had her outfit and her friend said 'I wasnt invited'. She said it in a very nice way though.