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Jeidi Posts: 3128
Who's name is normally at the end for RSVP's? Will I just put my own name and address? I'd prefer if they came to be rather than my mam/sister etc.
pinky_winky Posts: 527
I think traditionally its who ever the invite is from, the rsvp's go back to but in reality if your doing the guest list address it to you if your mam wont mind
Spanish Bride 2b Posts: 778
This is probably a really stupid question but what way do you do your RSVPs. Do you just ask guests to Rsvp at the end of the invitation or do you send out separate cards?
wishicouldelope Posts: 181
Traditionally when the parents of the bride paid for everything their names were at the top of the invitation and their address down the bottom and it was customary to RSVP to the bride's mother. Nowadays it's not so cut and dried re who pays for/ organises the wedding. If you want people to RSVP to you I'd suggest putting your name and address in small print at the bottom of the invitation. You'll probably get a few sticklers who will still RSVP to your mother as "the done thing".
Betsy May Posts: 2168
You can just write "RSVP" (with the address to respond to) and leave it at that. A lot of brides do include small preprinted reply cards that guests can use to indicate "We will/will not attend". This can encourage people to be a bit more timely with their response. You can go one step further and include stamped self addressed envelopes with the cards - then there is no excuse for not replying! Each of these approaches are perfectly acceptable, it's completely your call which one to use.
Spanish Bride 2b Posts: 778
Thanks Betsy May. I was a little unsure about that and we're ordering our stationary next week. Never thought I'd get so excited about stationary! :o0