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sugarkk Posts: 1384
We are inviting 115 people to our wedding in October but really we only have a budget for 100 people. If all 115 confirmed, it would cut into our honeymoon spending money a bit, although we will manage (and we are inviting all 115 because we want them there - if they all RSVP yes, that will be great and I'll cancel some of the honeymoon luxuries like limo pick-ups and other unimportant stuff). But it got me thinking, what is the average percentage of those invited who declined? I imagine the more you're inviting, the higher the amount of those who can't make it. Anyhoo, just curious of what your experience was/has been of how many people said they couldn't make it?
dexavia Posts: 242
we invited 143 have most rsvp's back and about 85 going most we will have is 95. so 65% granted it is a thursday - would be higher if it was a saturday
nelswife Posts: 3869
we invited 214 people to our day and i think there was 160 at the meal in the end from people declining or dropping out the week of the wedding
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
We invited 260 and 198 sat for the meal :wv
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
We had a 27.5% refusal or 72.5% acceptance! Our wedding was on Thursday but most of the refusals were from overseas guests we knew more than likely wouldn't make it. Anybody working had no problem getting the time off. I'd say you would be lucky to have 100 so don't worry about it.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
We've had about 25% refusal which is fine, we're at the numbers we were hoping for!!
mrsmtobe Posts: 125
We invited 204 and all RSVPs are back there's going to be 190 at the meal, not many refusals.
finnug Posts: 211
we invited 240 and should be ending up with around 180 so that will be around 25% refusals which I'm happy enough with. Wedding is ona Friday.
sugarkk Posts: 1384
thanks guys, that's interesting reading. Looking at the list, I know about 7 who probably won't make it (two are due babies the week of the wedding - unlikely they'll be doing the Hucklebuck with us that day) and there's always stuff that happens in people's lives or financial considerations. But very interesting to see the feedback.
happieout Posts: 3111
Before sending out invites and expecting some guests already wont be able to make it - 4 because of illness, possible 2 more for this reason. 4 couples will just have had babies/ be due shortly afterwards, 4 are abroad and a couple of guests have been widowed this year so may not go. I'm sure other things will arise also, you will definitely have a few refusals