Rugby Match on our wedding day!

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elkies Posts: 22
Hi there, i have discovered that there is a big rugby match starting at 5.30pm on our wedding day! We were hoping to starting seating at this time for the meal at 6, there will be a big crowd of lads that are mad for rugby at the wedding. Does anyone have any ideas as to how we will drag them away from the TV.......
marianf Posts: 5845
I woujld have dinner at 6.15pm instead so that they can see the first half! Its a tough one though. As long as your h2b isnt watching it!
Milly83 Posts: 3620
What about seating a bit earlier and then they can catch the end of the match? I presume men would prefer to see the end of the match rather than the start? Also, maybe get the coordinator to tell the best man the score through the meal so that everyone can know??? Might give a bit of more fun to the wedding as well.
elkies Posts: 22
Thanks girls, will have a chat with the hotel, and see what they would recommend, I assume it's a fairly common occurance
LAdancer Posts: 445
It sounds really bad but I'd just keep my plans the same and ask the hotel not to show the match >:o) My reason being that nearly every wedding I've been to there has always been a sporting event of some sort on and half the guests are in the bar watching a football match while the meal is being served, the last one I was at the majority of guests didn't come in until the main course was being served, I felt so sorry for the bride. then they actually went to the bar again after the speechs to watch a boxing match or something, I couldn't believe it. So for that reason I'm asking the hotel that as soon as the time comes to being seated to turn off the sporting event xx
suedude Posts: 3
Hi, You're not getting married May 24th by any chance? The Heineken Cup final match is on that day, think about 5ish, and theres a chance Munster will be in it...tho, hopefully not! I'm probably the only one in Ireland thats hoping they don't qualify! (apart from you, of course, if ur the same day!) To add icing to the cake, the Republic of Ireland play their first match under the new manager that evening also. The only consolation i have is that the wedding is in a seperate building to the main hotel (is in barberstown) and i dont think there are any tvs there. im hoping the men wont be bothered to walk over to the main hotel to watch them, tho i guess if they do, not a lot i can do about it! Our meal is at same time as rugby match so hoping their stomachs will rule their heads on this one! My dad says if they want to watch the match 'they can buy a bloomin ticket and go to it..they are not watching it at my daughters wedding'. Ah Bless! Then again hes not into sports himself! :)
ginger nut Posts: 5989
feck them. they can go hungry and watch the match or sit down to dinner and show some courtesy to the people who invited them in the first place. someone else said maybe have the best man provide updates on the match etc which is a good idea. don't let the match take over your plans
Lucille-Bluth Posts: 1145
I posted about this in 'whats the worst thing you've seen at a wedding' and I said 'a bride reduced to tears coz her entire wedding party were in the bar watching the match, meanwhile tumble weeds were tumbling through the function room' At that wedding, in the end, the bar staff had to turn the match off to 'force' the guests back to the wedding! So I suppose your choices are: 1) you could ask the hotel not to show it (tho you run the risk of your guest finding out you did this - for example if someone asks the bar staff why they arent showing the match!) 2) or as others said you could try and have the meal earlier/later and let the little boys watch it before/after ....or 3) if you were a really REALLY accommodating host you could consider showing the match in the function room but with the sound turned off! IF you were a REALLY accommodating host! Other than that either suck it up (!) or ask the hotel not to show it!
Flowerbomb1 Posts: 92
I'm getting married on March 8 and Ireland are playing Wales in the 6 nations that day. Wedding is 1.00, match starts about 1.15!!! Lots of rugby fans coming to the wedding, I just hope they don't all feck off before the end of the mass, but I don't mind them going to the nearest pub after the mass to watch the second half! My poor sis, who's CBM always goes to these games and already asked, jokingly, if she could go to the pub too! She's content with listening to the second half on the radio on the 30 min drive to the hotel and photos! And there was me avoiding the GAA season cos H2B is mad into that!!! Can't win! O:|
elkies Posts: 22
Getting married on the 5th of April, so it's the quarter finals, I was also kinda hoping that they'd lose their last match, well it can't go on all night anyway