Rugby on Wedding Day

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WishingandHoping Posts: 197
Hi, Looking for some advice on what to do about Ireland playing Wales on March 21st at 5.30. It's the last game of the Six Nations, and after Ireland winning on Saturday, everybody seems to think that Ireland will win the Grand Slam, and it this game will be the best ever, and I'm being asked what way the wedding is going to work around it O:| O:| O:| I'm having a 1pm wedding, and the plan was for the hotel to start ringing the bell for a dinner at 6. With the match starting at 5.30, I think the ballroom will be half empty. I've already had suggestions of putting up a screen in the ballroom, so people can watch and eat at the same time. Or to push dinner out til 7pm. I really don't like the idea of the rugby being on the big screen, and I think that if I leave the meal til 7, that the older people that have no interest in rugby and like to eat earlier will be put out. Not too gone on the idea of a screen in the ballroom either. Are any of the other brides in the same situation? Or something like this before? Any suggestions would be great... Really not sure what to do... I know that I might be thinking too far ahead, and Ireland might lose their next match (never thought I'd want Ireland to lose a match :eek ), but it's playing in the back of my mind and I'd like to have a back up plan in place in case I need it. Thanks :thnk
eclair Posts: 243
Hi woodlandsgirl, Im in exactly the same situation as Im getting amrried the same day as you! I dont plan on changing anything for the rugby and hoping people will have the cop on not to be so rude as to keep ducking out to check the score. We are being called for dinner at 6 with the intention that everyone will be seated by half past, so this coincides with half time. We are having the speeches then before the meal so anyone trying to sneak out will be noticed! >:o) My H2B is a massive rugby fan and he has even said himself that we shouldnt be trying to fit our day around a match.
La Dolce Vita Posts: 522
Oh god, i really feel for you on this one. Win, loose or draw on the next game, i'd imagine there will be a certain amount of people that will want to sneak out and watch it. You say your dinner is for 5.30, but from what i've been told weddings rarely run like clockwork and typically run later than expected. From the point of view of not getting upset on the day, it might be easier to go with the game and let people watch it?? I was at a wedding last year and the majority of guys, even the groomsmen, were off out in the bar watching a match. When the first dance came around they all had to literaly be hunted into the function room. Its a difficult position to be in. What does your h2b think?
Twirler Posts: 1644
I don't think you should have to fit your day around it. I'm a massive rugby fan but if I was at a wedding that day I'd just record the match and watch it later, I'd never dream of being so rude to keep leaving to watch it in the bar.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
There is no way I would want a screen in the function room, for the love of God, who suggested that to you O:| O:| O:| I was a guest at a wedding which co-incided with the Champions League final one time but their kick off times are later and the lads practically had to be surgically removed from the bar for the first dance. I really felt sorry for the bride and helped the best man to round people up >:o( . I think at the end of the day, you will always get people with no manners, who are going to be ducking in and out to watch it and there isn't a lot you can do to stop it. What has your hotel got to say on it? Maybe a manager can keep the best man posted on the score a couple of times and announce it as part of your speeches or whatever, if they are winning, it would put people in great form :o0 Other than that, I wouldn't be accommodating to people at all. It's a wedding reception, not a Saturday afternoon in the pub when a few cocktail sausages are served at half time >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o(
lovelybones Posts: 884
Yeah i don't think you should plan your wedding around a rugby match... rugby isn't everyones cup of tea anyway. When my sister was getting married in 2005, there was a rugby game on and by the time the ceremony was finished the church was half empty. Honestly some people are so rude >:o(
Bogstandardbride Posts: 18
Well it is rude but unfortunatley human nature will mean that most men (and alot of the ladies) will have the match on their mind and people WILL try and sneak out to the bar to watch it. I wouldn't change anything to suit the match, I was at a wedding in September and the Ryder cup was on and there was a group of about 7 or 8 men stayed in the bar watching it... awful rude altogeter....
WishingandHoping Posts: 197
Hi Eclair - 5 weeks on Saturday? Can yout believe it? :eek :eek I think that I may have to push the meal out a little, have them ring the bell at half time. Missus Lippy, would you believe it was my H2B that suggested the screen in the function room??? O:| O:| Although in fairness to him, I think it was because he was on stag at the weekend, and I'm sure the lads put the idea in his head. We're meeting with the hotel tomorrow, so I'll discuss it with them too. I'm sure they have some experience with this kind of thing. The best thing to do is probably compromise. Let people watch the first half, and then get them all upstairs for a bit of food!! Thanks for the advice, appreciate :thnk :thnk
Cork Oct 08 Posts: 749
I can't remember if it was Ireland or Munster who were playing the day I got married and I was worrying about it for a while on the run up. My mum even suggested that i put up a screen in the foyer. The match started at 7 (i think) so the guests got the second half. At the end of my speech I said that if they all went to the main hotel to watch the match and didn't come back I'd kill them, it got a good laugh from the guests but I was serious. Everyone came back straight after the match was finished and everything turned out grand, so what i'm trying to say is don't worry yourself about it.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
[quote="woodlandsgirl":1zrx234p]would you believe it was my [b:1zrx234p]H2B[/b:1zrx234p] that suggested the screen in the function room??? O:| O:| Although in fairness to him, I think it was because he was on stag at the weekend, and I'm sure the lads put the idea in his head[/quote:1zrx234p] Ooops >:o) (partly guessed it would have to be a man :o0 ) Have a chat to your hotel as it depends on how long they will keep food hot for etc. but other than that, I wouldn't worry about it. Enjoy :wv