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grogmg Posts: 455
Ok ladies, its time I got a new pair of running shoes, just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations where to get ones or good types. My last ones where ascics gel runners and they were brilliant! just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations for somewhere to buy running shoes as ive heard of shops that can find the "perfect " pair for your running by asessing your gait. Thanks
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Yep they do this in Elvery's, I had it done there in Jan, you run on the treadmill and they use this to assess how you run and advise the appropriate runners.
grogmg Posts: 455
Do you know is it in all elverys or just certain ones??
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I honestly don't know, I had it done in Limerick (Crescent), can't remember seeing it in Galway or anywhere else, but then I wasn't looking for it so I just might not have been aware of it! Maybe give them a ring?
excitementcity Posts: 1007
Amphibian king in Bray are really helpful. HTH :)
daisy2012 Posts: 619
Elverys sale is on until this sunday - including runners - so get in there quick!!!! I bought some gear in there this week it was 25% off.
Fleming Posts: 3
Running shoes play very important role in fitness and i prefer to wear the shoes of Nike and Adidas. Because running is a part of exercise and shoes help in comfortable running.