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hipbaby Posts: 4530
Not sure what subject to call this but basically I am wondering what people who live in the country use for Broadband. Where we live isnt' attached to any networks eircom, wimax etc and to date I have been using a vodafone dongle thingy but its a pain hanging out the window in a good area to try and get a signal O:| And especially not good when you run an internet business :action34 Anywaj just wondering what others are doing and also is the 3 national BB any good? They apparently won the rights to national BB??
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I use Vodafone Mobile BB and I have to say I'm finding it ok, once its on 3G/HSUPA (blue light) and not GPRS (green light) I used to have 3 broadband and it wasn't great for coverage in my area but it was ok. Why don't you try it?? You've 7 days to try it and take it back if the coverage is not good enough for you!!
trance Posts: 3129
I used to have Vodafone b-band, it was ok, had a few probs. When we moved to our new house I wasn't in their coverage area so i switched to 3, the national broadband, supposed to cover 97% of the country (something like that), they are ok, no better or worse than Vodafone really, have had a few probs and their customer service is in India which I find really frustrating, one time they kept telling me to 'pop next door to see if your neighbour has coverage' and I was sick of explaining to them I LIVE IN THE ARSE END OF NOWHERE I DON'T HAVE A NEIGHBOUR AND MY NEAREST TOWN IS 10 MILES AWAY!!! Very annoying. But mostly it works ok, sure give it a try anyways, there's not a huge amount of choice really is there?
BusyDee Posts: 8527
We use the O2 dongle, its grand - we did try out the vodafone one but my phone was with vodafone at the time and the coverage was so bad I ended up switching to 02 and always have coverage. We couldnt get anything else as we are down in a hollow surrounded by big hills O:|
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi girls thanks for your replies, I will try it as you say for the 7days and then bring it back if no better. Thats good to know that it is no better or worse than vodafone and I have heard their customer service is poor...hmmm decisions! Do you find the weather affects coverage? Since we had the snow its been brutal, its ok yesterday and today because its it just me???!
trance Posts: 3129
The snow didn't affect my coverage, thankfully we still had broadband and sky!!!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
[quote="LastRolo":29pt2ncs]I use Vodafone Mobile BB and I have to say I'm finding it ok, once its on 3G/HSUPA (blue light) and not GPRS (green light) [/quote:29pt2ncs] :o0 Sooooo true lastrolo. But there is a setting on the vodafone thing to only select 3G/HSUPA so they light will always be blue. We have this in the house and it's best in our dining rm, crap in the TV room. Wish we could get broadband. Flippin country O:|