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nutty Posts: 154
Just in case anyone is interested in booking a weekend away for Valentine's or whatever ryan air are having a half price sale if you book today. There are some great deals. http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
thatnks nutty...looks good...pity we are saving prague for the honeymoon!
Fio Posts: 812
Thanks for that. Mentioned it to hubby and I think he is thinking of bringing me to Paris for my 30th Birthday next month! You are a star :D
nutty Posts: 154
Oh lucky you Fio. I must drop a few more (not so subtle) hints to hubby! :lol:
Minxie Posts: 884
I would rather strap myself to the wings of any other airline than get inside a ryanair plane. No amount of discount makes up for it. Besides, you never know what you're going to catch on those seats. :shock:
Heflen Posts: 4050
Ryanair is one word.
Minxie Posts: 884
[quote:2aviymrb]Ryanair is one word.[/quote:2aviymrb] ...and it should be capitals. Ryanair. Jesus Peaches!! :roll:
wishful bride Posts: 67
wont be going anywhere for a while with Ryanair. went to Milan last weekend, half hour before i was to leave for the airport decided to check on aertel if flight was delayed or anything and am i glad i did! flight was cancelled so countless minutes onto Ryanair at 1.30 a minute! found out weather in milan closed all 3 airports so they said we will reroute you sunday but sure that was no good i was going home on monday! so drove from shannon to dublin straight away & they put us on the dublin to pisa flight, which meant overnighting in pisa at our own cost, train which took nearly 4 hours to get to milan again at our cost the next day. looking back, we are 250 euro out fo pocket but enjoyed the weekend. Travel insurance wont cover us as departure times out fo ireland were only 2 hours apart. has to be 12 for cover. it makes you wonder why do we bother paying travel insurance!
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Ryanair don't fly to Paris they fly to Beauvais which is 65 miles away - and the bus takes an hour and a half each way, plus you have to deal with the quality of service. Not exactly the makings of a romantic weekend away.
Fio Posts: 812
stockbroking bride I know they don't fly into paris, have flown there lots of times. But when money is tight then Ryanair cheap flights DO help a lot in romantic getaways, for us anyway.