ryan tubridy splits from wife?

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shoegal Posts: 323
Did anybody read the sunday indo today? I got such a shock to read that Ryan is getting seperated.... he always seemed so adoring of his wife when he spoke about here - i wonder is it true? I hope not! They are only married about 2.5 yrs and have two small girls! anybody else shocked?
BlushingB Posts: 1634
Nope. Can honestly say that I'm not shocked about a total stranger's marriage. I don't know either of them personally and to be frank, I couldn't really care less. It's their own business and I can't understand how a newspaper could be vaguely interested. Who cares? Marriages break up all the time. I know it's usually sad for the people involved, but it's not really interesting for the rest of us is it? If I told you all that I knew someone who's marriage was on the rocks, would any of you be bothered? I doubt it. Just because someone is well known, some papers seem to think that the rest of us have some right to know all the personal and private details of their lives. Unfortunately, they're usually proved right, as so many empty headed fools snap up the 'Hello' and 'OK' magazine and their ilk. I'm not getting at you, Shoegal, so please don't take my response in the wrong way. I just hate how us women are usually portrayed as only being interested in celebrities and their lives. Personally I'd rather watch paint dry than hear about them. But, that's just me!
SarahS Posts: 550
Well said! That Sunday Indo is trash, ever since the DJ Carey story, it went completely down hill in my estimation. It is none of our business what happened their marriage, I only hope everyone emerges alright out of it. Sarah
Jelly Posts: 174
Shoegirl yes it is true I was totally shocked as well. I am such a fan of his from the beginning and felt like I knew them because he constantly talked about his wife and child particularly Ella. It wasn’t just gossip either they had their say in the paper saying no one else was involved but it was mainly work related pressures and he thanked her for being so patience over the years. Even though I don’t know them I hate to hear anyone's marriage splitting up, it must be the most devasting thing to separate from someone you love or loved and shared your life with, and it makes it worse that there is kids involved, it will be a difficult time for them all.
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Never liked him myself so no interest and didn't know his wife.It is personal to them.
Heflen Posts: 4050
Cant stand the weasel-faced marble-munching D4ite so I really couldn't care less.
almost there06 Posts: 322
soory to hear about anyone's marriage breaking up, but not going to lose any sleep over it..i cannot stand the guy anyway.
sickofthiscrap Posts: 327
What??? Are you not sending them your thoughts Anon????? :shock:
BB2006 Posts: 315
Cannot listen to him even for a nanosecond. Cannot imagine anything worse than my private life being the subject of that rag!.
Heflen Posts: 4050
[quote:gaq1bao4]Cannot listen to him even for a nanosecond. Cannot imagine anything worse than my private life being the subject of that rag!.[/quote:gaq1bao4] He's quite happy to continuely bring up his family in interviews, if he wants to keep his private life private, then dont use it to further your career.