Ryanair to impose new €30 surcharge for duty-free bags

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theoracle Posts: 7664
http://www.independent.ie/national-news ... 24945.html
MyMcDreamy Posts: 169
Does that mean if you buy duty free on board that on top of the cost of the purchase, that if you also have 1 other piece of hand luggage, and your purchase won't fit into it, you will have to pay an additional €30? i hate ryanair anyway and thats just another good reason not to fly with them.
theoracle Posts: 7664
THat seems to be what they are getting at, so that even a handbag would count as extra UNLESS you stuff it all in one bag (of said dimensions and weight).
capricorn04 Posts: 527
feckin hell another cost to worry about!!!
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
Ahhhhh I hate Ryanair O:| In fairness to Micheal O'Leary though, he never stops thinking up new ways to screw us over >:o(
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
I can't belive that...where do they get off.... I was coming home from Edinburgh last year and they made me throw away my duty free as it wouldnt fit into my bag...luckily enough the man beside me had room in his bag and brought it on board for me..All I ever buy is a bottle of whiskey for my dad and Toblerones for my h2b anf ffil On the same flight a lady had put her handbag in her luggage, when she got on board she took the handbag out, the stewardess whipped her piece of luggage off her saying she now had 2 pieces of luggage on board...she had to pay 30 euro when she landed >:o( >:o( >:o(
theoracle Posts: 7664
Oh, trixy, no way!!!! :ooh :eek That is terrible!
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
Hu101, they took 5 pieces of luggage off that flight, don't know why he other 4 was taken off,but when we were queing up to board the plane they were warning people that 6 pieces of luggage were taken off the flight the day before so obviously it is a regular money making reoccurence.... O:| O:| O:|
Cherry Bomb Posts: 230
I have to say girls if you want to fly the cheapest possible way then Ryanair are the way to go,and if you follow their rules they are actually fine. I flew Dublin to Malaga in December, Flights including taxes for the two of us return... €96.00 Hand lugage (10kgs) each, on-line check in.
MeSB Posts: 3785