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Monica Geller Posts: 161
Hi Wollies, ok I've a bit of a problem. I'm just really sad at the minute. I keep on snapping at people and saying smart comments, basically being too truthful, and I know I shouldn't do it but I can't help it. I'm fighting with my fiancee like all the time over silly things and thats just making me sadder. I don't know what to do. Like I don't think I'm depressed or anything, just sad and I can't lift myself out of it :o(
ginger nut Posts: 5989
monica i think you should really talk to someone - your mother? a sister? a friend that you trust? you say you feel sad all the time and can't lift yourself out of it...that could be mild depression. are you able to enjoy things like before or do you find yourself less interested in things you used to like? what about your sleep adn appetite? if it's just a feeling of sadness then maybe you are just in a rut, or the wedding planning is just getting to you. In that case plan something nice for yourself and your fiance. allow yourselves a few days of just being together and rediscovering being a couple and put the wedding planning to one side for a while. consider taking up a hobby - exercise can help lift the spirits esp now that the evenings are getting a bit longer. Make a regular date with your fiance to do something together, catch up with girlfriends, make time for yourself. If your sleep and appetite are disrupted, if you are losing interest in your usual hobbies etc, if you don't get the same enjoyment out of life you may be depressed - this can be treated with counselling, support and lifestyle measures but may need medication. talk to your gp if you think any of these apply to you. hope things sort themselves out for you soon
Monica Geller Posts: 161
Do you ever notice that when you say something out loud (or write them down as I did) that things make sense? After I wrote the post, my fiancee collected me and drove me down to a plot of land that hes thinking about buying for us to build a house and its big enough to have a horse or 2 which is all I've ever wanted. Its something that we have talked about for ages but I really thought that it wouldn't happen, but it looks like it will. I talked to him on the way down and said that I was feeling sad and hes promised to not spend as much time in work when he doesn't need to be, and to help me more with the wedding. I was totally having an emotional day yesterday! I have to stop bottling up my emotions and say what on my mind. I'm not totally feeling great, but I kinda know I will (all in 24hrs......I'm so odd! Thank for the advice!
MrsChuffed Posts: 872
We all get very emotional at the minute, with all the wedding stuff. I'm crying at eveything at the minute (not my usual). Anyway, my point is to give yourself a bit of a break. Also, try to talk to your H2B as much as possible. Your best off starting how you mean to finish it. He's there to support you and vise versa.