Saddest movie ever......

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lil-star Posts: 3149
why did i do it??? i knew the notebook is the saddest movie ever but just had to watch it Im in bits here i dont think Ill ever feel happy again :o( Starting out our lives together and then to watch a couples end like that...... I need a comedy :eek
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Put on Elf - I love that film!
lil-star Posts: 3149
SANNNTTTTAAA ohh my god i knooooow him!! Watching sweet 16 ireland and its so fuckcccing funny
mollyeile Posts: 2486
Is that the one with your man whose Dad was on Matt Copper?
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
[quote="lil-star":xuzhm0q7]SANNNTTTTAAA ohh my god i knooooow him!! [/quote:xuzhm0q7] [phone rings, Buddy picks it up] Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?
lil-star Posts: 3149
Lorcan who was clearly gay but in denial!!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Have you seen Big Fish- oh my god, I think it has to be the saddest movie! If you are going to watch- have the tissues ready *)
buffybuzz Posts: 492
Yeah you have to watch elf... SAAANNNNTTTAAAA'SSS COOMMMIIINNGG!! My fave part too!!
Playful Posts: 638
I always cry at ET
Rainbow :-) Posts: 133
If you really want a good cry watch ' Beaches ' . Bette Midler is in it and is very sad :-(