Safari nite club in Newmarket Cork

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Bakeswife Posts: 1098
Hi wols hubby and I are thinkin of heading down to this club next weekend as a DJ my hubby likes is on there - we are finding it extremely hard to get accomodation/Hotel in the seems the nearest areas with hotels are Mallow and Charleville - if anyone knows of a hotel or nice guest house in the area can they let me know as we dont know how easy/hard it will be to get a taxi to bring us about 20 mls back to Mallow or Charleville if we go with that option. We contacted the club and they mentioend buses going from Mallow to the venue but nothing about return journey so if anyone goes here regularly or has feedback on it can you contact me....thanks WOLS :thnk
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
Bumpity bump :o)ll
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
Oh dear god, my old haunt! :o0 :o0 My brother is living there too in Newmarket - he might put you up for a night :o0 :o0 My dad is a hackney driver so I can ask him if you want? I use to work in the Charleville Park Hotel, I can get you a good rate :o0 :o0
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
I remember being on a hen in Kanturk once, we went around the pubs and then onto a club outside of it, I'm wondering is it the place in Newmarket you describe as the two towns would be quite near and it was quite a rural loation for a club I thought. The only thing I could suggest is google a couple of the taxi companies in Mallow and ask if they run mini-buses or if you booked a taxi with them, could you book the driver to come back again for you. The impression I get from the place is, it's mostly locals so maybe they arrange lifts from family members or they are drinking in pubs in Mallow, Kanturk or Newmarket and then have numbers for taxis and split the cost etc.
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
Hi girls thanks so much for coming back to me - i rang hibernian hotel in mallow and she said the journey would be almost 30 mins in car and she reckons taxis would be very expensive back to mallow afterwards - basically judge jules is playing there on saturday night,my hubby loves him and believe it or not its our first anniversary so i couldnt think of a better way to spend our anniversary than a night clubbing with one of hunny's fave dj's and then a nice hotel to chill out in before and after... We are now even more confused as to where to stay I've googled accomodation in Kanturk,Newmarket and hotels in charleville and Mallow...we aren't sure where to stay...we dont mind staying in charelville or Mallow if we knew a taxi service would bring us there afterwards and not charge a fortune....but if its going to be a 30 min car journey after a night of clubbing i think i'd prefer to stay in newmarket or kanturk....does anyone have any recommendatiosn for b and b's in newmarket or Kanturk?? Thanks again ladies x
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
Bump :o)ll
babynumber1 Posts: 282
HI BakersWife. we go out in Newmarket quite a bit as my friends live there. i think it would be hard enough to get a cab back to mallow or charleville so you would be better off to stay in Newmarket. there is a nice lloking BandB close to my friends house so i will get the number for you if you want. its only 5 mins drive from town but you wouldnt walk it if you know what i mean. not a very happening town though just so your aware!
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Oh my god are u in for a culture shock in the Hi-land as it used be called!! Can't believe Judge Jules is going there!! I've been there twice on work nites out!! It's freaking hilarious! Guaranteed rows outside anyway for starters! Ya I'd say ur best bet is a b&b cos the roads with a stomach full of liquor mightn't go down too well! Newcastlewest is as near as Charleville but the hotel in Charleville is way nicer.
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
Thanks for coming back to me girls - ya i have to say we have folllowed a few dj's around over the yrs and have been to several clubs but i have to say this has been the hardest night to organise ever....we contacted the club and got recommendations for mallow but found out it was 30 mins away so long story short there was only 2 b and bs in newmarket - one in the town and one about 5 miles out....the one in the town was full and the one 5 miles out didnt answer the phone to us so we ended up getting a b and b in kanturk. The b and b is next door to a pub and they run buses from the pub to Safaris and back after wards....we were in the Wright venue in swords a few wks ago for Roger Sanchez and we had such a choice of hotels and taxis etc etc so I hope to god this will be a bit of craic now and not a total disaster - Like judge jules is playing Air in Birmingham in 2 wks time and he does all the big clubs etc so i hope this place is nice now especially since I'm spending my anniversary down there for hubby(who is a massive jules fan).... :o0
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
What's the B&B in Kanturk?? The Park? Kanturk is very close anyway so you won't have much of a trek. Seriously don't be expecting much from Safaris!! I'm sorry now to burst ur bubble!! It is big when they've all the sections open and maybe it'll be different on a nite like that. He'd hardly have agreed to play it if he felt it wasn't up to scratch!! God I can't wait to hear how u get on now!!