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biscuit Posts: 166
Hi there! Just a question. 'Im a vegetarian and I'm aware that the omega 3, 6, 9 the good fats) is an excellent way of boosting bab's visual and brain development. Prior to pregnancy, I took Udo's choice (flaxseed omega supplement.) However, I stopped taking it as I read somewhere that you should only take flaxseed in moderation. I would have no problem in taking fish oils but I read somewhere about the dangers of mercury/ tuna (ie- you don't know the source of the fish) and also the high level of Vit A. Don't know what to do. Would really like to make sure that I'm getting the right amount for babs. What do you think? Is anyone taking them?
splash Posts: 57
I'm taking Omega Mum which I got in Boots. I showed the packet to my midwife and she said that they were fine to take. I also take pregnacare.
pattie Posts: 2379
I take MorDHA, it doesn't have any Vitamin A in it and I think the leaflet says something about the source of the fish, that they are from very clean water or something. I have taken the seven seas one for pregnancy also, but switched to the MorDHA as it has a higher amount of DHA in it. Someone here was recommended it by the dietician in their maternity hospital, it's on one of the threads about Omega 3. I think you will only find Vitamin A in fish [b:13ebb0cg]liver[/b:13ebb0cg] oils. Not sure if it is generally added to the Omega 3 supplements, although I suppose they would list it if they did.
Tedsters Posts: 1688
You could also try mumomega which is available in any pharmacy which is developed specially for pregnant mums.
sunshiniest Posts: 303
I'm taking pregnacare plus. Its got two tablets to take daily one is a vitamin supplement and the other is Omega laden oil capsule.