Salads, cold meats while PG

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Lolly Valance Posts: 175
Girls, My GP told me I should avoid preprepared salads and pre cooked cold meats while preganant. Something to do with bacteria possibly present. Has anyone else ever heard this??? I had never heard it before nor can i see reference to it any books. Just thinking I'm screwed for lunch choices if I have to cut out sandwiches......! Thanks, Lolly
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Not that I want to go against a doctors advise but I think if you are buying them from somewhere that you think is clean and reputable you should be fine - I have been eating from my local deli all along and think I'm still ok!!
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
again I normally wouldnt say to go against docs advice but i think if you use your judgement with things like this then you should be fine. from places id be happy with ive been eating salads, cold meats, prawns and the likes with no problems at all. but thats just my opinion :wv
Aqua Posts: 198
yes, i was told this by my doctor. she even told me that deli meats that you buy in the shop (in a packet) and take home are also a no no. I have also read that if you have left over cold meat/chicken in the fridge, to reheat this before you eat it again... i know it sounds crazy but I have stuck to it. I read that if the baby gets listeria it can be fatal (for baby) so I was just too worried to try any cold meats at all
Lolly Valance Posts: 175
Thanks for the replies and advice all. Think I'll go with that - if I usually eat from a place and I trust it I'll continue. Lolly
Baby bop Posts: 662
I ate salads on all three of my pregnancys including coleslaw but i do get the meats from a butchers. you'll hear so many things you can and cant do, I drank tea to beat the band on my first and got a craving for coleslaw and he was 9,12 and very healthy.