salisbury cot bed

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downwiththissortofthing Posts: 113
Hi girls, I like the look of the Salisbury cot bed in argos, but it's not clear whether it has a drop down side or not - does anyone have one, and does it have this? Thanks! :wv
chicam Posts: 1169
Yep I have it, I bought the whole salisbury set. The cot doesn't have a drop-down side because most cot beds don't as they turn into beds after you're finished with the cot. Still a lovely cot, drop-down side or not!
downwiththissortofthing Posts: 113
Thanks Chicam. It does look really lovely, and the chest of drawers looks lovely as well. I was kind of presuming that a drop down side would be standard, but as you say, most of the cot beds don't have them. I think I'll be getting it all right.