Salon or mobile??

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Mrs..D Posts: 1741
Was going to go to hair and beauty salon for the wedding morning as there are 5 of us and I felt that a mobile hair and beauty person to the house could cause time problems...The response I've been getting from the b.m's is "oh...right"..Anyone else think its a bad idea going to the salon??I can't see their problem
honeybee Posts: 624
Hi, I was in two minds as well then the mobile hairdresser let me down so I booked the 4 of us in to a salon, for me it will work out better as mams house is tiny so at least we will be all away from the kaos for a couple of hours. In saying that they have alocated two stylists to us one whom I had an upstyle from before and she has alot of vision and is really good, the scary part is what if she leaves before my day(it is in 6weeks so hopefully not). there is certainly pros and cons