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Just Married! Posts: 33
Hi, Ive found a dress that I love. It €1900 here, as I had budgeted up to €2500, I am happy to pay this. As I read several posts on RK Bridal, I decided to check it out. The dress including postage & Customs will work out at approx €750!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I had said in my head that if there was a saving of more than €500, id consider it. If I was to but online, I would be saving €1150 - something I simply cant ignore. So my question is: Should I take the plunge??? If I do, how do I thn go about buying a veil to match??? Help! O:|
annie77 Posts: 484
Go for it!!!!!! I took the plunge and bought my San Patrick dress with RK Bridal. They're fantastic and it's a huge saving to make!!! You'll get the dress in plenty of time so once you have it, you can bring it with you to a bridal shop and ask to try on veils with it. I'm doing this on Wednesday - buying shoes in this shop too.
Bride 2 be Posts: 27
Annie, Are bridal shops OK with this??? if you havent bought the dress from them?
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
Go for it. Ask them for a swatchof the material and then you can try to get a veil to match. Or go to a shop that stocks the dress you are buying and try it on there with veils.
annie77 Posts: 484
If you phone the bridal shop and ask, it shouldn't be a problem. They might have a sale after it so why shouldn't they? It might be better to go mid-week when there's nobody else there - that's what I'm doing.
Bride 2 be Posts: 27
Ok - Thanks Annie Sounds Good!!!!!!
DJSeptbride Posts: 396
Where do you see prices on RK Bridal website?
Bride 2 be Posts: 27
Hi DJ, They dont show the prices on their website. I rang them and got the price. oooh.....3 days since your Hen..... how did it go?