san patrick range 2008

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playbunny Posts: 50
hi girls san patrick basera?? just wondering if any of ye have worn this dress?? thinking of getting it also what do ye think of it sorry no pic!! :-8
playbunny Posts: 50
hey I've tried it on I do like it, it was a while ago now I'm planning to go dress shopping this week.. getting married in may 09.. don't want to go too early, I change my mind every two mins & if i get it I know I'll see something else!! I would probably try & buy it on line I think.. it cost 1500 in the shop I saw it in.. I have been on line a few times I seem to keep coming back to the pronovias range though.. want something classical but with a modern twist if you know what I mean!!
LM24 Posts: 932
[img:qgtei2ms][/img:qgtei2ms] Its beautiful!! It reminds me of my dress as the sleeves are quite similar :o)ll
Mrspotatoehead Posts: 68
Hey, I love this dress I'm going to Aspirations on Thursday hope they have it in stock so I can try it on
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Love the San Patrick range. I tried this on, but ended up going for a different San Patrick dress and veil. Getting married in June 09 and ordered my dress and veil last month. Glad I did, as I was told it could take 9 months for it to come in.
Mrspotatoehead Posts: 68
What dress did you go for?
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
i went for the bagdad one. i love it ! i have almost made up my mind on the bm dresses now too, so hopefully by the end of the week i can cross those off my list too !!
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
how reliable is buying on line for san patrick? I found my dress in a store in Cork but its a little out of the budget, 1800 euro for the dress.... any reccommended sites to purchase online from? many thanks
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
Its a gorgeous dress. I tried it on a few weeks ago and i loved it but it wasnt great on me as im really tall-made me look lanky! Its such a fab dress though!
anika Posts: 2194
i tried it on too a few weeks ago, loved it :lvs its really a beautiful dress. but i still have lots of time, so i will keep looking until i find THE dress...