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shining star Posts: 877
hi, just a quick q.. Do i continue taling clonfolic if I've started taking Sanatogen Pro Natal or does this contain enough folic acid for me? thanks!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I've been taking the Sanatogen since we started TTC but haven't been taking any additional folic acid. Most folic acid tablets have 400 mg/mcg (not sure which it is!!) but the Sanatogen has 700, so plenty!
shining star Posts: 877
thanks jellybaby, don't want to overdose on it! will stop with the clonfolic now so! :thnk
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I was taking some pregnancy multi vitamiins can't remember brand but I was getting awful headaches with it so had to give it up. Just keep it in mind if headaches do start to appear.
shining star Posts: 877
thanks fo r that delta nu, I'm only on them a couple of days and no side effects yet, although I did have an upset stomach yest, but don't think they're related.. will keep an eye on things tho!