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DublinGirl Posts: 1307
Just wondering if anyone is using the Sanctury range for mums to be in Boots. I went in on Saturday cause I needed something for dry and itchy skin on my tummy. I came across the advent oil to help prevent stretch marks and was almost going to buy it when I saw the Sanctury range. It smells lovely and comes in a fairly large tub. Anyway bought it for EUR14.99 and when I got home I massaged it into my tummy and I have to say it felt lovely. Even hubby commented on the smell. He said it smelt like flowers. :o0 Anyway I;ve been using this now all weekend and it feels so indulgent and my skin feels lovely and hydrated. Just wondering if anyone else used this and if so how did they find it. :wv
sinion Posts: 6050
I ADORE Sanctuary stuff, I have about a million bottles of all their products :-8 didn't know they did mum to be stuff, oh god hubby is going to kill me!
happyhead Posts: 75
Santuary for Mums 2 Be :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll .........note to self must get to Boots asap. I'm the same as you Sinion I luuvvvveeee this stuff and have loads already. Doesn't it smell good enough to eat? As a treat for DH, he'd been working out in the rain, I ran him a bath amd put all their stuff in it and left the hot sugar scrub for him and he had to admit it was fabulous. He'd go mental if he knew I was telling anyone this!!! Anyways hun, how are you feeling today?
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
I got a lovely hamper of this for Christmas from my aunt. Have to admit I haven't used the tummy rub yet but I have had a bath in the Mum to Be Bath Salt with Almond oil etc and its yummy. I also love the fatigue spray, its great for the aul tired legs.
sinion Posts: 6050
:o0 :o0 that's so funny, my poor hubby would give anything to have a bath like that but he's just waaay too tall and doesn't fit in any bath! good bit better today, thanks hon xx
happyhead Posts: 75
Glad to hear it lady and I've been reading your other posts about being addicted to you DS. My poor DH wanted to get me one for my b'day on sunday but couldn't find one in time. He's still trying. Ahh I feel for your poor hubbie, not being able to have a bath. Unfortunately we don't have a bath tub in ours, it's top of the list for our future home improvements, as we both love a good soak. But in my folks place they have a huge whirlpool bath that the two of us can get into, needless to say when they're not there :-8