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oddwire Posts: 842
Hi Grunge Bride, Sounds like if the source is trustworthy then they should be ok. I agree with you that it's better to eat something out of the canteen that has been kept refrigerated at the correct temperature than something that's been sitting in your handbag all morning. Personally, I would have no problems eating the egg mayonnaise or chicken. Would choose chicken over processed products as (I'm guessing) there would be less additives, salt etc in it. Other option if you're unsure is to chat nicely to someone in canteen and have them store your home made sandwich in a fridge until lunch time?
baby-bel Posts: 929
grungebride I feel your pain, some people might think Im paranoid but Im totally avoiding processed meat, cold meats, and even salads so Im just having a bowl of soup and a toasted cheese & tomato sandwich preety much every day at work!! granted a tomato is a salad but I think its easier to wash tomatos than lettuce so I am presuming they wash them properly in our canteen! Is there any thing else you can get in your canteen like soup, veg, potatoes hot meat etc? I know Im a loon about it girls but I feel better for it as I wouldnt enjoy eating a sandwich with cold meat in it if I was gonna spend the rest of the day worrying about it :o0
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Im 30 weeks now but at the beginning my main craving for weeks was ham sandwiches on white batch bread, thats all i wanted, nothing else, and the ham was from Deli, im eating salad sandwiches now (in brown bread :o0 ) some days i have salmon salad, im not a big chick eater at the moment, went off it at the start of preg too, but still eat a bit, i ate loads of lettuce as i relied on the greens for iron, some books i did read say keep away from fish other books says its important to eat fish, i also love egg mayo but haven't eaten it in awhile, i think hygiene in most deli's are ok nowadays espec if you are going to the same one all the time, i think people are over worrying about nothing, I did keep away from soft cheese, i understand they can have a lot of bacteria but eat cheddar no probs and i stayed off nuts too. Its so hard to know what is right or wrong to eat, if you worried too much you wouldn't eat anything, i personally think going off alcohol, coffee, nuts, brie is enough. :o0
oddwire Posts: 842
I found this web page really useful - it focuses more on what you can and should be eating. Doesn't mention Deli Ham though! [url:19zq72f1][/url:19zq72f1]
Pumpernickle Posts: 206
oddwire - that was a great link - really helpful information O-O
Yoda Posts: 3340
Go for soup and a roll, or does the canteen do hot food dinners As another poster mentioned ask if ok to put your own lunch in their fridges I stopped eating the egg mayo in the shop deli and go for the boiled egg option, have not stopped eating the ham as the ham is from the serveover and if the deli is busy I go with banana and a crusty roll I don't eat salads anyway so no opinion there I find I can not eat too much at lunch anyway
sodbride Posts: 105
id say make your own and go to argos(I think) and get a chill bag thingy so you dont need a fridge!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Bump! Any other opinions? I veer from eating sliced turkey / ham, lettuce etc from our work canteen (which I assume is hygienically trustworthy) and then thinking oh no, better not do that. Don't really know what to be doing! Did anyone else's doctor / midwife / anyone like that comment either way?