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Senorita Posts: 3413
Has anyone been to Santorini in Greece? Can anyone recommend a resort to stay in? Thanks a mill :thnk
surprisebride Posts: 98
Hi, We went there on our first holiday and loved it so much we are returning to get married there. Its a beautiful island and i can't recommend it highly enough. Are you going ofr a holiday or are you planning to get married? It all depends what you are looking for, Fira(where we stayed last time) is more lively of a town and Oia (which is where we are staying this time) is more romantic etc and quieter but it does have life in it in the evenings apparently. I don't think you can really go too wronf where you stay its all fab! :o)ll
Senorita Posts: 3413
Hi there surprisebride Thanks a mill for your reply. It's for a summer holiday, end of August. I've heard it's supposed to be beautiful. We've been to Zakynthos and Corfu, and want to go back to Greece again this year. It's just the two of us (early 30's). We'd like somewhere with a good beach, nice restaurants and bars. Somewhere not too busy (club 18-30) or too quite, iykwim.
pluto Posts: 3893
Oh Santorini is gorgeous!! I loved it so much. Course, I'm biased because its where we got engaged :-8 :lvs We stayed near Fira which was gorgeous. This is the link to the place we stayed, it was a little bit out, but we found that a lot of the accommodation in Fira itself was very expensive. We were island hopping so were on a bit of a budget. This place was beautiful though. Oia is meant to be beautiful as well, and I think the accommodation there is even nicer than Fira. You'll love Santorini, its stunning. Would you consider island hopping, or do you want to stay in the same place? Is it a week or two weeks you are going for? We ferried from Crete to Santorini for one night, onto Paros, Naxos and then back to Santorini as well for the last couple of nights because we loved it so much. The island hopping was brill. I loved having the freedom to just decide one day where we'd go the next day, or if we'd stay a bit longer. The 2 weeks felt like about a month as well. Sorry, I rambled on a bit there, but it was one of the best holidays I've ever been on.
surprisebride Posts: 98
I 2nd that completely. Have been to a few Greek Islands now and Santorini blows them all away. If you stay in Fira or Oia, (or even halfway between them) you can get to either quite easily and have the best of both worlds. :L
Senorita Posts: 3413
Cheers girls O-O We would be going for 2 weeks. Island hopping is definately something we would be interested in too. Do you know/have you been to the resorts of Kamari or Perissa? Is Santorini a relaxing place, I know the beaches are vocanic, but is nice for swimming? Is it an expensive island? Sorry for all the questions :-8 thanks a mill for your help :thnk