Sarah Jane Taffeta Coast BM Purple Dresses. Bow what to do??

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rockstar2012 Posts: 299
Hi Girlies :wv Firstly dunno how to post this Sarah Jane Coast purple dress on this but Ive a delima. Really love these dresses for my BM but the belt that goes with it you have to tie the bow yourself which is very hard and messy to do a lovely neat bow!! O:| Have any of ye any ideas what to do? Was thinking of taking the dresses to a dress maker get her to make up the bow cut the belt and put a hook and eye to put it back on the dress again??? Could this be done I wonder? Any ideas would be most welcome O:o)
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Beautiful dresses. I would get a dress maker to sort the belt,Save you hassle on the day. Can only get you a link to your dress. :wv ... 2224627770
Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
Here's the pic, gorgeous dress! I would do exactly what you said above. The bow makes the dress so it'll have to look right. [img:1k52fhn0][/img:1k52fhn0]
rockstar2012 Posts: 299
Thanks for your help girls and posting the pic. Think Im going to have a word with a dress maker and hopefully they can work there magic. Would def be too much hassle on the day. Hopefully they can do it :o)ll or else going to have to have to start looking again. There are so many gorgeous dresses out there anyhow so wont be stuck :wv