Sashes/Bows for Chair Covers Needed Kilkenny

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bubblesjenny Posts: 655
Hi Wollies! Less than 3 weeks to go now :o)ll :o)ll and I have decided I really would like the Bows on my chair covers. The hotel are providing my chair covers for free...haggled with them as they wanted 6.50 per cover!!! I really would like to get the bows put on the back of them . Anyone know where I could hire these? :wv
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I have no idea as we got the chaircovers for free as well from the hotel and didn't bother going with the sashes! I do know that the hotel had the name of someone that supplied them though! Maybe try your hotel and if not it I got married in the Springhill so chance your arm and ask there?
bubblesjenny Posts: 655
Thanks Hon, Im in Lyrath and they said they dont know who does them. Its hard for me cuz im in Dublin
bubblesjenny Posts: 655
bump :o)ll
pooielouie Posts: 188
What colour are you looking for and how many. Is the hotel in Dublin :wv
bubblesjenny Posts: 655
Im looking for Claret Red and its in kilkenny
pooielouie Posts: 188
Dont know anyone in kilkenny, Just Dublin could you get a friend to put them on for you. :wv
sherwood Posts: 737
Ask your hotel to provide you with a name. They usually know some.
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
alot of chair cover companies deliver to hotels, one word of advice, is that when i was viewing the Lyrath, while they did have chair covers, they are not the ones that you can put a sash on them, as they have a detail on the back. maybe they have changed since then. i found this website, it has a testimonial from a customer who ordered chair covers for the lyrath.. hth edited to add address: how stupid am i!!!
FinesseWeddings Posts: 221
Hi Bubblesjenny, I have just pm'd you with some details. regards Mary