SATC Head Dress - not the dead bird one!!!

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duffgirl78 Posts: 160
Hello wollies. I was just wondering if anyone know where I could buy this something similar to head dress or get it made? Its the head dress of the second dress she tries on for the vogue shoot. Its a flower comb with a veil that just come under the eyes (cant get a pic on the internet, can get a picutre of every other dress but not this one O:| ). Ever since Ive seen the movie I have loved this and I think it would go great with my dress. Would really appreciate this. One of the mags suggested making it, but dont even know where to start. If anyone has any info on how to make it would really appreciate that too. Thanks a mil!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
wah Posts: 1414
is it of those head pieces a few on here have described as a bird cage, kind of like a small cap with the netting over the face? Sorry i cant actually help you with sourcing it but if thats helps with the description maybe the girls here might remember where did as there was definetly a thread about it
duffgirl78 Posts: 160
That sounds right. Its more of a hair pin or hair band then a cap, but the birdcage veil is spot on. Will sit tight and hopfully somebody will be able to help. Thanks wah.
DrWhosPoopy Posts: 654
I can't remember the movie that well (for shame!) but is it something like this you're after? [img:1c0u02t7][/img:1c0u02t7] it's from and it's £79 HTH.
DrWhosPoopy Posts: 654
They also have this one: [img:vmphujdb][/img:vmphujdb] and it's £89 *)