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B2B2009 Posts: 23
Hi Girls! :wv Wondering if anyone had ordered any Save the date magnets and if so where from?? Thanks!! :thnk
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
ebay have a good selection of them
MrsDoyle Posts: 663
I got mine from . They were like these ones and everybody loved them:
WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
Oh thery r the biz Mrs. Doyle - do you mind me asking how much they cost :-8 :-8
MrsDoyle Posts: 663
No problem, we got 200 for €70 but that was with priority postage which was €15. I think you can get them cheaper when vistaprint have special offers on. But rather than buying them as an announcement, I went through business cards and picked that background and added my own text, with some more details like the hotel and it's website, etc, etc and I think it worked out a bit cheaper that way.
rathkenny Posts: 936
I highly recommend Vistaprint too. Try the website rather than the .ie one - I found them way cheaper ordering from the UK than Ireland. I'd sign up to their website now & then you'll get loads of special offer emails and you might even end up getting them for nothing!! :o)ll :wv
venice07 Posts: 564
firefly deigns her magnets are so cute and reasonable 1.25 or 1.50 i think she is based in cork but you can check out her website i think
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Mammy rigomad Posts: 958
Think receptions do them.Look for them in supplier directory.
B2B2009 Posts: 23
Thanks a mil Girls!! :thnk