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MrsCotobe Posts: 95
Hi this is two questions really. I am looking to send save the date cards to guests who have to travel from Oz, America and the UK so they will have plenty of time to arrange flights etc. Do I need to send it to all of my guests or only the ones abroad? The reason I don't want to send it to everyone is because our guest list is not yet finalised. To give you an idea of numbers I will have about 20 to send if I only send to people abroad or over 150 to send if I send to everyone. Also is it mean to send a save the date card by e-mail template? If not does anyone have any suggestions for a good save the date template. I am trying to save money in things I do not see as necessary! As they will all be getting an invite closer to the time.
streco80 Posts: 343
Hi there, I plan on sending save the dates out but only to a handful of people that will be travelling from the country or from abroad. If I send to everyone it'll only be a waste I think
curlybride2013 Posts: 167
hiya, i only sent out save the dates to people who were living abroad to give them plenty of notice if they wanted to travel home for it. like you i just had about 20 people to send them to. I just designed my own one in word and printed it off on pearlescent card. I didnt see the point in going to get them done professionally when i was sending so few. I wouldnt consider it mean either to email someone a save the date.
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
hi i got my save the dates from vistaprint i think it was only 6.99 for 12!
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
We sent emails - described the situation in the email and then attached a cute photo thing with the hotel and date on them.
pinkunicorn Posts: 585
I got my save the dates printed with vista print. I designed it with a seller on etsy for about 10usd I think. She then emailed it to me and we sent roughly half to our guests by email (mostly younger people like our friends) and the rest by post. I think I got about 100 postcard size save the dates with envelopes and address stickers for the back of envelopes for about 40euro which includes delivery. We sent save the dates either in post or email form to everyone at home and abroad but we were so excited about letting everyone know our date and we had more or less finalised our full wedding list (just not evening list) at that stage. The perk of it was we got masses of christmas cards in the post this years :o0 everyone knew our address from the save the date and so all our cards were addressed to the future mr and mrs pinkunicorn, it was hilarious and lovely at the same time :lvs
MadWoman2013 Posts: 528
Hiya, if you want to do email save the dates you could use the site I used. I stumbed across it online ages ago and thought they looked great!
barbiebride2014 Posts: 90
Hey PinkUnicorn, Can you let me know what seller on etsy you used? Sounds like a great idea! x
amandarose82 Posts: 338
I did a facebook event as a save the date! :)
pinkunicorn Posts: 585
I used AmberRoseTrabucco, well I think that is the name. She has a small number of pdf save the dates. What u really should be doing (sorry to state the obvious :P)though is doing a search on etsy for pdf or printable save the dates and ul get lots of items up and go from there in picking what u like best. Most people will change colours & font for you to suit what you are looking but they wont change the layout of the save the date itself. good luck :wv