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eagerbride2011 Posts: 242
Thinking of sending these out but not sure what people will make of these so thought id look for your opinion on here! So yay or nah?? Edit to say my wedding is a bank holiday June and when is it the norm to send these out!??x
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
I said yes but only if it's a date like a bank holiday when lots of people plan to go away or if lots of your guests are coming from overseas and they need lots of time to plan :wv
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
We sent them out as my Dads family all live in England and we wanted to give them plenty of time to plan. Have to say though I dont think it made any difference to my RSVPS - my good friends from home were all there but the majority of the English crowd didnt bother to come. We bought little fridge magnets off ebay, they werent expensive so it was no harm anyway - at least you can give people a heads up in case they go planning their summer holidays in June or anything.
Sheesh Posts: 1129
I got them because I have the type of family who assume they are invited. My cousins are the type that will all go and get dresses made for the wedding 6 months before the wedding(when the invites havnt even gone out!) so the Save the Dates will tell them who is invited(we got them with a space to wite the names). We are sending them out soon so that people are under no illusions as to who is invited.
eagerbride2011 Posts: 242
k sorry for all the questions lol!! So... How long before the wedding do you send these out? Do you send these to Everybody like or just certain people? x
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Our wedding is 4th September and we sent our save the dates with our christmas cards. I'm really glad we did, nearly everyone that's invited can come and it made it clear from the start who exactly was invited, and was a great talking point at christmas get togethers! It meant everyone that wanted to come could plan holidays around the wedding etc, i think they're a great idea.
olbol Posts: 280
I'm a "YAH"....we're getting married NYE 2011 so it's the kind of date that people need a lot of warning for - plus we are travlling home from Australia to get married so don't want people expecting an invite to Oz instead of blustery wet (although hoepfully crispy fresh!) Galway and there will (hopefully!) be a few friends travelling from different corners of the globe... Just need to figure out when to send them...I like the Xmas card idea - Xmas 2010 clearly not 2011 (ha!ha! could you imagine... "Save the date for 6days time!" Ha!ha!), maybe Easter 2011...and need to find a nice little token one, like a fridge magnet or the likes - if I can get one in 'untacky'!! :hyper:
ciaraella Posts: 5323
[quote="olbol":9ft9mvsn].I like the Xmas card idea [/quote:9ft9mvsn] I was glad we did this, i felt it was kind of like since we're sending a card sure we may as well just put this in with it rather than having a big fanfare for the save the dates, and it saved on postage too!
nelswife Posts: 3869
It really depends, i voted no, because our list changed so much with having to take people off our list and putting other people on, etc...things change over the course of booking your wedding and sending out invites and you might find people who you have send dave the dates to you can no longer invite them for some reason or another
Kermette Posts: 924
we got married the June Bank Holiday weekend just gone. We sent out caricature Xmas cards from vistaprint and inside at the bottom under our Xmas greeting we just had We're getting married June 5th 2010 SAVE THE DATE!