Saving for house and weddingat same time

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dumdumdidum2013 Posts: 300
Hey Just wondering if anyone else is in same boat? We're saving like mad trying to pay for wedding and house, wev both changed jobs in d last yr so cant get a mortgage at d min so sick of renting!! all of my friends r single living at home+kept asking me to things that I cant afford have tried saying it to them but they dont get it theyd all have better paid jobs+no bills theyv stopped inviting me out altogether now.not sure what to do!
Mrs2014 Posts: 151
I know where you're coming from. We need to save for a deposit and wedding, and we haven't put a penny aside yet. In fact, still paying off debts really. I won't start earning until next year and OH income seems to be just enough to keep us ticking over at the mo. Sounds like you are doing well with the saving. In terms of your friends, maybe you could invite them over for a girls night in? They'll all bring a bottle, get some snacks/movies in or whatever. And explain to them the situation they're in. I think people tend to be more understanding about that kind of thing these days, they should try to understand that you're in a different situation to them. Hang in there :)
April13 Posts: 635
:action32 :action32 :action32 They will have to grow up some day too and they turn to u and say how de hell did u do this.... trust me this will happen.... I was saving for my deposit for my house and then i bought the house 3 and 1/2 years ago... friends couldnt belive i actually owned a house (Well AIB does :o0 :o0 ) Trust me they'll get their eyes opened to the real world"!!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
bellee Posts: 441
I am in the exact same position and know exactly how you are feeling regarding your friends,da guilt and sometimes embarassment of the constant refusal of nights out is a killer! We are trying so so hard to save to keep getting knock after knock mainly due to our cars and that seems to wipe us out bringing us back to zero again!our social life is non existent do don't know where we can cut further! Anyhow we are still 13 months out from the wedding and hope that having paid off loans and credit cards to the turn of about 6k n the past 4/5 months that finally we will b able to put sone fecking cash together as the 12 month mark will really panic me of we haven't!! As for the house we have planning permission sorted so whole we have been renting for past two yrs and will continue to do so for another 2, we hope to start the build n or around the wedding! I'd agreed with inviting your friends around and explianing the situation very clearly to them!I also try to arrange a def night away or something that becomes an annual event and I find this helps to keep everyone in touch!!
dumdumdidum2013 Posts: 300
So glad I am not the only one!!! bank account seems to go from yay payday to where has my money gone quicker every month!!! Think girls night in is a good idea OH is off for a stag soon might get the girls around! So strange being in diff life stage their buying the designer handbags planning spa weekends I am happy with a take away and some vino at the min!!!
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
Totally the same, paying for an existing 'boom' apartment, saving for a proper house and then the wedding...disaster! Never have any money - well technically I do but once it's in Rabo, it's gone like an expense...would love to even win a few grand and go mad!! I suppose these are all good problems, at least we have money to save and hopefully do it all...just feel a bit sorry for myself sometimes!!
McLisa Posts: 1815
Tell me about it!!! I get so frustrated at people living at home complaining about being broke because they've bought 5 new outfits, been away on a city break and partied for whole month and I'm trying to recycle clothes from 2 years ago. We're renting at min, all money is going into wedding then after we'll focus on the house, it'll all be worth it in the end, that's what I keep telling myself anyway :o0 Girls nights in are always good, get Chinese, few drinks in comfort of your own home, no worries about taxis etc
amthee Posts: 688
Im in the exact same situation. Renting for the past two and half years and have spent alot of that time just working part time because the companies I worked for couldn't afford to pay me for a full week. I am now working full time and trying to save as much as I can for the wedding and then build our house. A very expensive trip to the dentist put bit of a dent in the savings though. I dream of winning the lotto! :o0 :o0 it doesn't have to be a big prize just a couple of k!
2013bride13 Posts: 424
Thank god, I am not the only one. We have just signed for our first home and honestly when we booked the wedding nearly 18 months ago, I honestly could not have imagined we would have been in this position. We are so lucky that our house was a bargain and we in truth used wedding savings to pay for the deposit, stamp duty, solicitor etc.... So we are starting from scratch again, but I will make the cut backs if needs be because to be honest to us it is more important to have somewhere to live after the wedding. We both moved home nearly two years ago to allow us to save and even at that we had loans to clear first... Don't give up, it will happen, I understand the friend thing, all my friends went on a girly holiday last week and I couldnt go and went for a meal and cocktails before that and I really just couldnt afford it, but like another wollie said, they will be in that position too one day and hopefully we will be sorted and enjoying a slightly easier life x Good Luck O:o)