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hot lips Posts: 453
Hey Girls, starting to get panicked!! Wedding is next Sept. only have bout 5,000 saved! Just feel every month have birthday (family is large) or something that comes up... Does anyone have any tips on saving?
Jean1 Posts: 145
Am finding it so hard to save too!! But you know what this is your wedding year and maybe putting things like presents for people on hold for this year would be a good idea, people will understand. We did this at home when my sis was getting married, told her at xmas that she had enough to be paying out for and it worked out ok....
hot lips Posts: 453
Yeah thats a good idea at xmas im defo going to suggest kris kindle or a price limit cos you cant have money for everything.. Getting scared now everything is in the region of 2,000...
Jean1 Posts: 145
I think nobody anticipates the cost of anything until we're in the middle of it up to our eyes!! Staying in an odd wknd here and there makes a huge difference to my wallet and its not that bad the odd time with a bottle of vino and a dvd :hic
hot lips Posts: 453
Your right..I think i'll prob need a loan nearer to date. Been reading on this website how some people pay 10,000 for their honeymoon!! I get paid monthly just find it so hard to manage money
Cailin deas Posts: 765
Maybe you could set up a direct debit for your pay day - so that say 500 a month or whatever you save goes directly into another account. Dont get a card/chequebook/online banking for this account. this way you can only get the money by going into the bank and will be less tempted IYKWIM. our wedding is in just over 6 months and we need to save about 10,000 more. Now I know we wont beable to save this as we are hopefully getting a mortgage in the next few months aswell. I am not worrying about it just yet - by my calculations we should be able to save about 6 so that leaves €4,000 - we can get a small loan for this and if we get any cash presents we will just pay off the debt. Now we save every penny and I mean every penny - we dont go out- we have a shopping budget of €50 per week and thats all that is spent apart from petrol/diesel. We just have to be so strict cause we have so much expense coming up - (3 weddings and 3 hen/stags in the space of 2 months) so once september comes we will hopefully be back to saving! Hope that helps a bit but I know it is so hard to save - esp when you see other people out and about flashing the cash but it will be worth it in the end.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
We set up a second account and put so much into the account every week or so against the wedding. We do not put in a lump sum though, we actually put away x amount for say bridal party presents and x amount for something else. That way each sum is allocated for and we just don't touch that account. That and actually buying some things as we go along. If you buy the stuff as you go along then you can tick them off the list and its less money to save long term. We are very luck to have my parents pay for the wedding however we are paying for bits and pieces ourselves so this way we are getting them out of the way. Good Luck with the saving. :wv
summer daisy Posts: 1336
hot lips.. you don't have to spend 10 grand on a honeymoon!! you can do it far cheaper. We went to crete on our honeymoon.. cost about 1500 and we had a lovely time. When we have a bit more time and a bit more cash then we will go somewhere a bit more exotic!!
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
We have been very good at saving every month and when H2B got new job we increased it but had to book our flights for Honeymoon and took the money out of our savings and now it looks do unhealthy. Have 10 months today so hopefully will be able to get about €9,000 saved between this and then as well as paying for everything else out of our wages. We dont go out spend the very odd weekend away and even cutting back on eating out. and we are both partial to a niec dinner. Keep going and will get there in the end
Delish Posts: 4176
This is anal but it might work, keep a diary of all the money you spend tor 2 weeks, then pinpoint all the non essentials and save all that money.