Scan at 5 weeks showed absolutely nothing!!!! - Sad Update

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keelyn Posts: 1197
This if my first post here in P&B. Apologies in advance, but it’s going to be a bit long!!!! After 14 months TTC we finally had PFP confirmed by doc last Monday afternoon. :o)ll At that time it was too late to send blood tests to the lab, so he scheduled me in to have those done on Thurs morning. On Wed evening I noticed some brown spotting which I mentioned to the doc on Thurs. He said to keep an eye on it but not to worry. I had more spotting on Thursday and very little if any on Friday. But on Saturday morning I had more spotting – still not a huge amount, but enough to freak me out a bit. :ooh So I called the doc and he said he’d see me straight away. He gave me a letter and sent me off to the maternity hospital for a scan. As it was Saturday, they said they only scan for emergencies, and I wasn’t considered an emergency. They repeated the HcG blood and told me to phone yesterday and they’d give me the results and proceed from there. So I called last night and the HcG was up from 495 to 1112. They said that was a positive sign and to go in this morning for a scan. I’m only 5 weeks so was told beforehand that the scan would show very little, but it showed absolutely nothing! :o( Not even the remotest hit of a sac or anything. They repeated the HcG and told me to call for the results at 9pm tonight. If the levels are still rising, they’ll probably bring me back for a scan in 2 weeks. If they’re not rising……well we’re not going to think about that just yet !! I want to stay positive, so I’d like to here if any of you ladies found yourself in a similar position at 5 weeks and went on to have good news in the following weeks. Thanks. :thnk :o(
fantac Posts: 4109
hi sevenseas not exactly the same, but at 5w, we went on hol and i started spotting that same day, were were at sea for 10 days so couldn't get to a doc/hosp - called my gp and he said sit tight, take it easy and cross yoru fingers. i continued spotting for the whole hol and as soon as i got back i went to EPU for a scan 6w+4 - at that stage we saw everything we needed to and thank God all was well. they did say to me that it was good i was away as they'd have told me at 5w to wait for 10days before a scan as at 5w there woundlt be much/anything to see. keep your fingers crossed chick - chances re everything is fine - it'll be the longest 2 weeks of your life, but worth it in the end. xxx
doolittle Posts: 910
Hi first of all lots of hugs and stay positive :lvs I had a scan at 7 weeks and they could see the sac but nothing in it they did an internal scan and found tha baby and its heart was beating away. At 7 weeks it was the size of an apple seed so maybe things are too small to see anything. 2 weeks makes a huge difference. Also you mightent be exactly the five weeks yet so maybe thats why they couldnt see anything yet. The fact that your levels are rising is a great sign. Good luck :thnk
keelyn Posts: 1197
Thanks ladies for your encouraging words. I know all I can do is wait & pray, but it's so re-assuring to here other peoples positive stories.
flame Posts: 322
Hi, I hope everything goes well for you. I was at my doc this morning and she said that when she worked in the maternity hospitals that they could barely see anything if anything at all at 5 weeks. She said the dates are usually a few days out due to implantation. No one knows for sure when implantation occurs so the dates could be a few days off at this stage. Best of luck and take it easy today. :xox
MammyC Posts: 3621
Same thing happened to me, only four weeks ago. I was 6 weeks when I was scanned and we could see a tiny sac, but nothing at all in it. I freaked out of course. The doctor said that this was perfectly normal and to come back in 2 weeks. Well, I started getting sick so I took that as a good sign, went back in two weeks and the difference was amazing! Saw our little fella moving and heart was beating away. I think its too early at 5 weeks, so my point was why bother making me come in for a scan when the you know you probably wont see anything! Also when I did get my scan at 8w4d, my dates totally changed. they put me back two weeks. they thought I was 10 but I was really 8. Try not to worry, Its just a waste of your time that could be spent relaxing. I learnt the hard way though! :thnk
keelyn Posts: 1197
Things are still not going according to plan :o( Had some red spotting yesterday evening around 7pm (No pain.) Rang the hospital and they said there really isn't any thing they can do at the moment. They were able to tell me the results of the hcg - it had gone up again, but only by a very little bit - from 1112 to 1400. So it hadn't doubled as it should have! I've to go back from more bloods tomorrow. The spotting more or less stopped around 10pm - I've only had a few tiny dots since then. Just thought I'd keep ye posted.
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Hope everything goes well for you sevenseas. Let us all know how you get on. x :wv
jen2 Posts: 3106
Oh pet i have my fingers crossed for you. I hope you get some good news. Jen2
totalnovice Posts: 787
Really hope everything goes ok for you. Thinking of you