scan at 7 + 3. Should I see heartbeat?

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mrswifey Posts: 775
Hi Girls, I got my BFP last week and am just approaching the 5 week mark. I have an appointment in the EPU in a few weeks when I will be at 7 Weeks + 3 days. I would like to know from people's experience, would it be expected that we could see the heartbeat at that stage (assuming all is well)? Thanks!
sunny1 Posts: 995
Mrswifey congrats on your bfp!! I also had scan at 7 + 3 and we saw heartbeat. If you're sure of your dates then you probably should see heartbeat at that stage but if there's any doubt with dates then there's a chance you wont see it yet but it wont mean anything is wrong. I know its a nerve wrecking time but so worth it when you see the flashing on the screen :heartbeat: Best of luck with the pregnancy x
happymommy Posts: 102
Contests mrswifey... I had scan at 7 +4 and we saw the heartbeat... Best of luck with your scan and your pregnancy x
mrswifey Posts: 775
Thanks sunny1 and happymommy! I still can't really believe it, but if the scan goes well I think I will allow myself to start getting properly excited. This is No. 1 for us. I have had 2 mcs so far - both before the point of even having a scan, so if we make it that far I will be really relieved.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I saw and heard the HB at exactly 7 weeks!! best of luck
loveslegacy Posts: 208
hi You should see something at 7 weeks but I had to go back and 10 and 12 weeks before I got a heartbeat, so dont worry if its not there the first time. I had 2 mc too and now have 5 beautiful babies so all will work out just stay positive. Best of luck
mrswifey Posts: 775
Thanks ReginaFalange and Loveslegacy! Loveslegacy, sorry to hear about your mcs, it is great to hear that you have had so many succesful pregnancies. Actually I have another question for you ladies, can you get a photo from your scan? I am going to EPU Coombe.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I got photos from all of my scans but have never attended the Coombe so am not sure what their policy. Cant see any reason why they couldn't print you off something though. :wv
Bejewelled Wife Posts: 2190
The EPU does print of pictures to put into your file. I'm sure the will give you one if you ask. I was only in the EPU when I mc. So they did loads of pictures and put them into my file.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I'm with the coombe and got a picture to take home from all the scans, haven't attended the EPU but did have to go to the emergency room and they gave me a copy of the scan so i say you'll get one, no harm in asking while you're there