Scan at 8 weeks????????

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SunnyDee Posts: 31
Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone had a scan around the 8 week stage, was it worth it, will I defo see a heartbeat - feel like I could do with some reassurance. Also has anyone any experience with getting an ultrasound at the Charlemount Clinic ? Thanks!
sinion Posts: 6050
well I had two early ones at the Rotunda A&E (7 weeks and 10 weeks) and you can definitely see the heartbeat but the baby was generally just a blob at the 7 week stage! I had one done at Charlemont at 11 weeks and it was fantastic, could really see a proper baby shape and they spent ages pointing out all the bits to us and gave us loads of photos, highly recommend them i'd say even if you hang on until about 9 weeks you'll see a lot more
love struck Posts: 1125
SunnyDee I got one done at 10-11 weeks could just see a heartbeat and a little blob of a figure :o0 ... Definately could make something out which was a reassurance. Eight weeks might be a little to see too much, and they may have to do an internal scan. Which TBH is fine I had one done and its not as bad as you fear. Maybe leave it until nearer the 12 week mark as you will so much more!! I got mine done in Mount Carmel.. Good Luck
cynman Posts: 26
Hi Sunnydee, I had my first scan at 8 weeks, thats when I found out I was having twins, I saw both heartbeats, my husband could see there was twins there before he was even told, so its well worth it, :-8
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
I had my first scan at 8+1 and it was well worth it. I was a worrier and the fact that I could see our baby on there and the little heart beating away just put my mind at ease so much. I did not have to have an internal or anything it was just a regular belly scan. I suppose because there is so little going on externally at that stage that actually seeing a flickering heart there on the screen makes the pregnancy so much more real. I cherish that first photo of our baby. Our next scan was at 12 weeks and he was a proper little baby shape by then, that one meant a lot more to friends and family. FP
SunnyDee Posts: 31
thanks for the replies girls...all very helpful
jellybaby Posts: 2316
With my first pregnancy, our scan was at 8w 6d and we could see the heartbeat, but everything else was just a blob! This time we had a scan at 7w 1d and again, just a blob with a heartbeat. We booked a private scan after that, and the lady said if we came in anytime from 10 weeks onwards, we would see a baby shape. We had the scan at a little over 12 weeks, and everything was so clear - could see fingers, toes, etc! It's very reassuring, even just to see the heartbeat, but personally, I'd wait til 11 weeks or so, so that you see a lot more detail. HTH