Scan at 8 weeks?

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MrsWife08 Posts: 179
Ladies, just wondering if any of you had a scan at 8 weeks, would you recommend it – I’ll be 8 weeks on Sat 19 Dec.. not getting one in the hospital until 18 weeks...
babymine Posts: 196
Hiya! I had a couple of scans at 6 and 7 weeks due to bleeding and it was great to know that everything was getting on ok in there & to see the little heartbeat. I have another scan this Saturday and cant wait. I think if it will put your mind at rest then defo. go for a scan because it makes it all feel so real. :wv
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
I had a scan at 7 weeks (as I was in Hospital) and to be honest all you can see is the sac and a heartbeat - which is great to see and helped me as I was worried (high risk pregnancy). But if you are paying for it and have no reason to worry (other than normal pregnancy worry) I would wait a bit longer, maybe 10 to 12 weeks as you will get to see more. Just my opinion.
Piggle Posts: 1770
Hey ... I would definately get one before 18 weeks, but if i were you and you could at all possibly hold out, two weeks later you will a HUGE difference, at 8 weeks you will see a blob and a heartbeat :) at 10 weeks you will see a baby! :) Its amazing the difference a week makes. If you could hold out two weeks i'd definately recommend 10 weeks! I wouldnt advise you to wait longer than that, I think its a disgrace everyone isnt scanned in the first trimester!
Diva30 Posts: 286
[color=darkblue:2j6xqv2m]Gee 18 weeks is a bit far out to be getting your first scan - my first scan is scheduled for WW12. I would definitely get an early scan if I were in your shoes although if you can wait out until 10 or 11 weeks you will get to see more! Good luck with that![/color:2j6xqv2m]
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Ya the scans are becomming a joke. On my first pregnancy my first scan was scheduled for 19 weeks and on this pregnancy (high risk) my first is 15 weeks (so was grateful nearly to be sick and get one at 7 weeks)
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
I had one in HS at 9 weeks and really could only see like a small blob (which was baby) then I booked a private one for 11 weeks and the difference. The baby was moving around and all. The difference of a couple of weeks was amazing. 18 weeks is very far to wait but if your booking a private one I reckon try have it for any time after 11 weeks as you will see so much more? Best of luck
Nemo79 Posts: 932
Hi, I had a scan yesterday and I am 8 weeks pregnant. The midwife could not find the baby and had to do an internal scan. For them few minutes, I thought I had lost our baby and was on the verge on panicking. Thank god, she found our baby. All you can see is a blob of the baby and the heartbeat. My advise would be hang on for another few weeks.
bubblybaby Posts: 98
Hi, Like many others have said, i would try to hold out a little bit longer until 11 or even 12 wks *) I dont know if you can make it out but here is a pic of my little VIPs face and body at 11 wks :lvs i know its a bit scary looking :o0 but it makes it seem so real!! [img:ukg6qrb5][/img:ukg6qrb5]
MrsWife08 Posts: 179
Thanks ladies – took your advice and just booked scan for early Jan when I will nearly 11 weeks…….. Thanks to everyone for replying!! x