Scan - not as far along as you thought/missed miscarriage

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takemeout Posts: 254
Hi girls I'm looking for a bit of advice and positive feedback if at all possible. Went for our scan this evening at what we thought was around 9wks 3 days. I got my bfp on the 22nd May and it said 1-2 weeks. Scan today showed 6wks 4 days. Could hardly see anything. So I'm either way behind because of my long periods (32-36 days) or I've had a missed miscarriage. Sonographer told me to ring Early Pregnancy Unit on Monday to get an appointment for late next week to see has the foetus grown. So now I sit and wait...and wonder... Anyone any experience of this??
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Oh god it must be horrible to be in limbo like that for the weekend, you poor girl! :action32 If you got 1-2 weeks on 22nd of May you would really have to be around 7 weeks minimum and that would make it that you tested a week after conceiving. The dates aren't too far off that, so you can't say there is no hope at all. In the early stages the scans can be out by up to 5 days as well. Also when I had a scan at what should have been 7 weeks they only found one baby measuring 6w1d and I had had IVF so there was no doubt about dates. 2nd scan 2 babies measuring a day or 2 out. So basically I can give you some hope that it is possible for things to be ok, but at the same time you can't know until you Monday. Really sorry you are in this horrible situation, try not to think too hard about it all for the weekend if you can at all, make your DH look after you well :action32 Do rest as much as you can though as if there is still hope that may help give it the best chance.
Wife09 Posts: 873
Well on this pregnancy Id some bleeding at 6 weeks and they found heartbeat was a bit slow and to come back in two weeks. So I did and the foetus and heartbeat was ok for 7 weeks so then it was decided I had my dates wrong. So it happens. Yet this week I went for a scan and thought I was just 12 and I was 13 and 4! I think some of them have growth spurts here and there! Hope everything is ok for you!
LittleButtons Posts: 945
Takemeout so sorry to hear u are in this limbo. It's a very difficult place to find yourself in This happened me and dh at start of the year unfortunately it didn't work out, i had to have d&c 2 weeks after first scan. Which was hardest wait ever as I couldn't grieve for my lost angel until It was all over . What I do recommend is that you go to epu first thing Monday, do not leave it any longer. I'm praying that your bean is ok. Thinking of u x
theoracle Posts: 7664
At this early stage it is unfortunately unable to be sure without a scan, but yes, there is a chance that simply your calculation is wrong (did you use date of last AF?) as you have a long cycle so that you are not as far ahead as you thought. On dd3 I measured 2 weeks behind when I went for a scan, I thought I was 10 weeks+ but when I got there I was actually only 8+ weeks and everything went well. I will keep everything crossed for you, waiting is the worst! :babydust:
takemeout Posts: 254
Thanks for the replies everyone. My last AF was April 19th. Here's a brief breakdown: Nov cycle 29 days Dec cycle 34 days Jan cycle 31 days Feb cycle 36 days March cycle 34 days Not sure when I ovulated in the last cycle so can't even go by that. Don't know what to think. She reckoned to wait til later in the week to ensure I've allowed enough time for it to grow following on from yesterday's measurements.
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
my bfp was roughly 3 and half weeks late doc still dated pregnancy from my missed AF and sent me for what we thought was my 12 week scan baby only measured 8 and half weeks with strong heartbeat we went back 4 weeks later and baby measured 13 weeks very active and strong heartbeat i miscarried at christmas so doc reckons this was the reason for me possibly ovulating late but everything fingers crossed is goin well keep ur chin up and DONT SIT ON GOOGLE!! its the route of all evil trust me you will worry yourself to death just take it easy and stay positive hun :thnk