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i carried a watermelon Posts: 140
Hi Every-One :wv :wv , I have noticed from different threads etc that the amount of scans and timing of scans differ from person to person. My first scan isnt until 21 weeks with Holles Street. :eek I think this is far too long to wait on a scan!!! but that is Irish Hospitals for you O:| Im starting to think that I might go for a private scan soon just for reassurance etc. Anyway I would love to know when the rest of you are getting your first scan or if you already got your first scan. Did you go private etc... did you have an early scan because of complications etc. Thanks
missust Posts: 370
i was public-1st scan at 14 weeks. got a private scan at 11 weeks coz i couldnt wait. only got one scan public so also got 3d scan at 26 weeks to see babs' face.
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Hiya, I ended up getting a couple of early scans for various reasons. It's definately worth while. Firstly because you can actually see the full baby in profile, arms, legs the whole lot. In my later scans, from about 20 weeks on, they can only scan parts at a time and you dont get that lovely photo of your whole baby (baby is a lot bigger and has less space for posing!). Secondly, from a reassurance point of view it is invaluable. Its actually quite emotional, for me it was like i was meeting my baby for the first time! My first scan was private and cost about €120. I'd say its definately worth while.
LMR Posts: 1925
I'm overseas so massively different again for me - I get one every month!
Crostini Posts: 1105
i'm public. only had 'official' first scan last week. however had 2 private ones before that at 8 and 14 weeks. well well worth it!! wouldn't be relying on hospital scans thats for sure. plus the hospital scans in my place aren't good quality whereas the private ones have huge screen and give you good quality pics to take away.
esmum Posts: 426
Im going public. First scan was last week @21 weeks. I had private scans at 10 and 16 weeks. The one in the hospital is on a tiny screen. I was really glad to have had the earlier scans as it put my mind at ease .
bumble Posts: 1980
I am SP with Holles St. My first hospital scan was at my booking apt at 15 wks (it was just a mini scan so no detail, i wasn't aware in advance i would be getting this scan as think it depends on who you see). My second hospital scan was the anomaly scan which i had done at 20wks. Just to add that as I am SP at Holles I had to pay for the anomaly scan which is €120. it's only free if you are public. HTH. I also did two private scans - 9 wks and 15wks which were much more detailed / better quality.
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Im private in the Rotunda and get a scan in consultants room at every appointment which is once a week now, he has a really good machine - but it depends on who your with as to whether you get this. Think this also depends on the hospital too and obviously the level of care you are on. Think its pretty standard to only get one scan if your public unless its necessary to do more HTH *) ETA - our 1st appointment was at 12 weeks and this was our 1st hospital scan, had a private one at 7.5 weeks for our own reassurance.
i carried a watermelon Posts: 140
Hi girls, Thanks for all your replys. :wv I am SP in Holles Street but i still cant believe the waiting times for scans - 21 weeks in unbelievable. When I was pregnant with my DD (I was also SP in Holles Street) my first big scan was at 16 weeks (I also had a crappy little scan done in the consultants room at 12 weeks). I think I might book a private scan for when I am 10 weeks for reassurance.
Gingham Posts: 3014
i think the wait time for a scan in holles street is much longer then some of the other hospitals...its a popular hospital. I know when I was ringing around holles street gave me my appointment for 20 weeks. In the end I have gone with the Rotunda and my booking appointment with scan was at 13 big detailed scan is at 21 weeks. I am going semi private.... hospitals differ!!