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susie12 Posts: 75
Hi girls, i was wondering if anyone can answer this question... I am 34 + weeks pregnant. I am public in CUMH. I got a scan at 13 weeks... Does anyone know if you get any more scans? I know we don't have long more to wait but i'm dying to see babs again..Thanks Girls :)
Cherry Cola Posts: 9
I am public in Limerick maternity. Had my first scan arond twelve weeks and am booked in for a growth scan at 31 weeks. I would mention it to them that your worried and could they do another scan if they haven't already got you booked in for one.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I am public in Ballinasloe. I called for my first scan at what we thought was 11 weeks but I was only just over 9 weeks and my next scan is for when I'm 19 weeks. Don't know if I'll get another one after that.
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I thought it's normal for everyone to get a scan at around 20 weeks, regardless of whether or not you'd have had a dating one around 12 weeks. And then some hospitals only do one scan at around 22 weeks. They're all different but I'm surprised you haven't had an anomoly one to check for defects etc. Is it possible that you should have booked the 20 week scan yourself in CUMH? I know in Holles St you've to book yourself. Give them a call and see what they say in the Mat Unit. Good luck!
mtv Posts: 935
hi i had scan at 12 weeks in cumh. i demanded ananomoly scan due to family history on week 20 and the only other scans have been at my routine apts in the consultants room.