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babyonboard Posts: 18
Hi girls I am now 9 weeks pregnant feeling so tired and nauses every day , i got my appointment for the ante natal clinc yesterday for the 11/05/2010 , in Galway with Dr. E Gubara i am going public. this seems so far away and i really want to make sure all is ok. I have book a private scan for next Monday 22nd on my 10th week by then. my question is what can i expect to see ? or should I delay it for a another week or so. ???confused
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i didn't have my first scan until 12 weeks, but it was quite clear. at 10 weeks you should see the heartbeat and they should be able to estimate how far on you are.
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
God that's a long time to be waiting! I had an early private scan done at 8 weeks - all we really saw was a heartbeat. You couldn't make out baby. I had a dating scan done at 11+4 and the difference was unbelievable. You can clearly see our baby, head, body and legs. For peace of mind I'd get an early scan but if possible I think you should hold out a little longer, they're growing so fast right now that even a couple of weeks makes a massive difference. Good luck with your pregnancy!
new-wifey Posts: 338
hey, i had a scan at 6 weeks.did see a heart-beat but couldnt make anything else out. had another scan at 12 weeks and wow!! what a difference. could see hands/legs/nose-everything. so so cool. maybe change it to 12 weeks if you could wait that long!! i know impossible to do. good luck :o)ll
fifibelle Posts: 4447
I am the same as new-wifey, scan at 6 weeks and then at 12 weeks and the difference was UNREAL!!! The 6 week scan picture was just a blob but the 12 week pic was amazing! If you want to PM me your email I can send you a pic. :wv
babychino Posts: 634
I had a scan at 10 wks and we saw baby's heart beating and little arms waving around and legs kicking, baby was 3.5cm Then had one at 14 wks and baby was a good bit bigger and we could clearly see the nose, mouth and eyes. Last wk, we had our scan at 18 wks, baby was 14.1cm and all the little ribs were visible as well the spine. I'm getting teary even thinking about it. It's absolutely amazing to see your baby on that screen no matter what stage they are at. Next scan for us is 22 wks :o)ll
babyonboard Posts: 18
thanks girls for your replys I changed scan appointment until the 12weeks , i have a drs appoitment in between scan so hopefully all will be ok. :wv
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Best of luck at the 12 week scan! :o)ll