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fancypants Posts: 453
Have my scan tomorrow - can't wait - am so anxious to see that everything is ok but am also so excited to see the baby - I am sure it is completely natural but I just want to know that all is ok. Did everyone else fear the worst before their scans. Also have bitten the bullet on maternity clothes - wearing maternity jeans today - the comfort is unbelievable! x :(
SoExcited Posts: 204
Hey fancypants, We haven't had ours yet so I just wanted to say I know exactly what you mean about being anxious and at the same time so excited!! We are quiet nervous about it, and yet we can't wait to see the little one for real :D The very best of luck!! SoExcited.
Ducky Posts: 2506
Yayeee, another scan time! It's perfectly natural to be terrified beforehand, I know I was. But chances are it will all be fine and you'll be back to report to us how wriggly it is (they don't like being poked!) and how amazing the pics are. Some questions you might like to ask: How far along am I? Are the fluid levels LK? Is the heartbeat OK? Is the placenta OK? Are the limbs and organs developing alright? could just gaze in awe like I did
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i was the same as you fancypants, i was so nervous that there would be no baby i couldn't look at screen until she said there's your baby and then the relief was unbelievable, best of luck tomorrow its great to see the little babs moving around :)