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redfly Posts: 358
Hey everyone, Got a big scare last night. Got really bad cramps but no bleeding. Rang doc this morning and told her and she sent me down for an internal scan. The woman scanning me was very nice. We saw the pregnancy sac and she said everything looks like its coming along normally and not to worry about pains unless there is bleeding also. She said there was no fetus there yet but thats because its too early. She dated me at being 4w6d but with my own dates i'm 5w3d. Bit worried about that. I've to go back in 4 weeks for another scan to see how things have progressed. Any had a scan this early on and saw similar? Should we have seen baby?
Emme Posts: 4735
I would have been really surprised if you had seen babs. I had an internal scan at 6 weeks and nada. Went back a week later and there was the little divil with a heartbeat and all. I was 4 days behind where I thought I was too even though I was 100% sure of my dates. I got lots of cramping too btw. As lots of girls will tell you it's amazing the difference a few days makes. Here's my old post from when I freaked out! ... hlight=sac
gemini chica Posts: 2581
I had my first scan at 4w5d and all I could see was the sac and i am having twins, nothing to worry about at all!! Also every scan I have my dates change so really don't worry about that for now. According to me today I am 16 weeks and to the hospital they started with the same dates as me and now they would have me at 16+6 today, so dont stress yourself over it!
micksmrs Posts: 931
Redfly, sorry to hear that you have been experiencing pains. Fingers crossed for you that everything turns out ok. I am at the same stage as you 5 weeks and 3 days, will be keeping an eye out for you.
redfly Posts: 358
Hi ladies, thanks for all the sound advice. I really appreciate and feel a bit better hearing it already. Fingers crossed for the next scan and no more pains. Something I didn't mention to them was that after I have the pains I seem to be very ehhh windy. :-8 I'm hoping maybe the pain is actually from somewhere else other than my womb.
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Redfly, It is so hard not to worry. I had terrible cramps at 9 weeks. Just cramps and no bleeding. I got them checked with the doctor and turned I was really bad constipated and that was what was causing the cramps :-8 . Was a bit embaressed but doctor said I was right to get it checked out. Hopfully you are the same
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi there, I had really bad cramps at 6 weeks and was sent for a scan. Everything was fine TG, they told me the pain was probably the uterus stretching. I continued to have period like cramps until about week 8 but they subsided after that. When I had the scan all I could see was the sac, nothing more at that stage. Two weeks later there was a little blob, not exactly in the form of a baby, but it was great to see the little bean had grown. Good luck :wv
Elegance Posts: 2848
oh redfly, it must be worrying for you, but try not to stress. as the others have said, its perfectly normal at this stage not to see anything. its why actually i decided against going for an early early scan, as I was worried that i'd stress more if i only saw a sac.... keep focussing on the next scan in 4 weeks and i bet you see a completly different picture then! and as for the wind... i started taking activia every morning and its really helping with my wind and all the bloatiness, allso started having cereal with fibre each morning..... i was a tea and toast girl, but think i need to make sure i keep my fibre content good!!! hths.....
LMR Posts: 1925
I couldn't see anything until over 6 wks except the sac. Also I (and many others) had terrible cramps, especially at the beginning as your womb starts to stretch (used to wake me up in the night sometimes) so it may have just have been that. In terms of dates it could be that your dates are slightly mixed up for whatever reason (my LMP had me at nearly 6 wks but because I'd had a really weird cycles the month I conceived I was less than 5) so again it might be nothing to worry about. Easier siad than done, but try and be positive until your next appt, as at this point it is often really difficult to tell what's happening so try not to think the worst. Fingers crossed for youx
redfly Posts: 358
Thanks ladies, i'm trying to keep my positive head on. Am reading the secret at the moment and am on a mission to attract lots of positive vibes to myself and baby. :lvs