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Miki Posts: 309
We are planning on starting ttc towards the year and I am terrified of not being able to get pregnant, it’s a fear I’ve had since my early twenties and its got to the stage where is haunting me at night. I know im probably jumping the gun as we haven’t even started trying yet! I had an eating disorder in my late teens/early twenties, and although I am fully recovered I am terrified I’ve done some damage. During this time my period disappeared for a full year. Im back to normal over five years now, but im am soo scared I’ve done myself some lasting damage. Anyone in a similar situation?
yadayada Posts: 1066
Didn't want to read and not reply. I'm not in a similar situation but if its worrying you then maybe have a chat with your GP? He/She might be able to put your mind at rest.
Mrs Bloom Posts: 7
Hi; I think we all go through this to some extent, myself and hubby have fertility problems in both our familes so we're fairly sure we were going to have some problems... after much tormention we decided to just relax and have fun in trying... low and behold 2 months later without any ovulation testing or date checking I tested positive... I know it's not the same as your own worries but the only advice I can give is to just relax and have fun trying... it's been well proven if you're stressed your chances are lower HTH & good luck
tasket Posts: 306
I worried loads about the same thing, I think it's the aul Catholic guilt - after so many years of trying NOT to get pregnant I felt like it wouldn't happen when we did start trying. But the girls are right, all you can do is try to relax about it & enjoy the trying! As I've posted before, I found charting my cycles put my mind at ease a lot b/c I knew I was definitely ovulating. When you start trying you might want to consider that. Best of luck!! :D
CarSep05 Posts: 23
I have a very close friend who was bullemic for years. She started to gain control of her illness when she got married 2 years ago and now has a beautiful baby girl. Best of luck ttc.