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sugarsweet2000ie Posts: 345
Hi girls, I've only found out less than a week ago that I am pregnant. I am ABSOLUTELY over the moon.. I want NOTHING more in the world than for this little bean to stick around and to have and hold MY baby BUT I am so scared.. I am scared everytime I go to the toilet, incase there is any pink/red blood when I wipe. There was only very light pink spotting once last week and I rang the doctor and she said it was fine - but ever since that I am a NERVOUS wreck. My Iphone battery is drained by lunch time cos everytime I get a twinge, pain I suspect could be fatal - I research and google it! I AM absolutely DRIVING myself MAD! I am so frightened. Miscarriages can just happen for no known reason which makes me sick to the core. So this is the most amazing time in your life and yet everyday you have to worry will the little bean make it another 24 hours - it's so not fair :o( I just want it to work out with no bad frights or scares along the way. How did you girls who have done it already - get through it all. What was your strategy? Love to all :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
milis Posts: 7998
Welcome to pregnancy!! For the next 8 months no piece of tissue will make it into the toilet without you having a quick look at it. :-8 I think the first few weeks are the worst. Book an early scan for 8/9 weeks, that will settle you a bit until you get your hospital scan, then you can live from appointment to appointment without so much worry. I found that once I saw the heartbeat I calmed down a lot. Almost every twinge, ache, pain, dart, cramp is normal. My doctor said not to worry about abdominal pain unless it was crippling and accompanied by heavy bleeding!!
kala Posts: 1937
welcome to the world of motherhood- its a long journey , cos the moment you concieve and find out you are pregnant, right through 9 months of pregancy til you hold your baby in your arms and even then the worry doesn't stop. you'll prob find yourself on whats referred to as "knicker watch" obssessively and mostly til you reach the 12 week stage, so be reassured this is very very normal. knowing that i wasn't alone and that what i was feeling was normal helped me through what i though was the longest 8 weeks of my life. whether its your 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc pregnancy this is the way it will be. well for me anyway i was always terrified. i've been through it 4 times (with one unsuccessful pregnancy- misc in jan of this year) and i have to say while on the 4th pregnancy just after the misc i was still scared stiff of all the pregnancies i was more scared and terrified on my first. i did some accupuncture to help me relax and get through the weeks and found it helped. no matter what people will say to you here its not going to change the way you feel but the support will help more than anything. wishing you all the best for a healthy 9 months, xxxkala
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
What your feeling is totally normal hun there nothing more scary than the early stages of pregnancy. I've been on nicker watch since the day i found out and still am i just cant help but look at the tissue everytime I go. Like you every twinge and cramp I get i was so frightened that this is it, this is me loosing my bean but so far so good thank god. You're gonna get twinges and cramps all throughout your pregnancy there isn't much you can do about that. Your body is going through drastic changes its only normal your gonna feel everything,....please try not to worry too much. Unless you are doubled up with pain followed by severe bleeding then there is nothing to worry about. Try not to worry :xxx
sugarsweet2000ie Posts: 345
Thanks girls for your reassurance. You are dead right - your worries just don't leave you but at least it's good to hear that you all feel the same.. :-8 it's also nice to know that you girls feel the same too. I have never wanted anything more than I want this baby. NEVER IN MY LIFE. It means everything to me. It's just so stressful that everyday I have to go through another 24 hours worrying and praying that my little bean will stay safe. Feeling my boobs to make sure they still have pains and making sure I have slight cramping pains to ensure I'm still 'pregnant'.. Haven't told my family yet. Will hopefully be telling them on Christmas morning.. Wishing us all a happy, healthy 9 months. :heartbeat:
significantother Posts: 123
sugar sweet-know exactly what you mean pet. I only found out 4 days ago that I am pregnant. We are both so thrilled and have wanted this baby so much- but its also been such a long 4 days! I did a pregnancy test 4 days before AF was due, amazingly I got an early BFP- 6 tests later and I am still getting BFPs but AF only due today- so far so good there's no sign of her but Im so scared everytime I go to the loo coz I am TERRIFIED she'll arrive... Have you told anybody at yet? Like you, I hope to tell the family at Christmas. Would love to tell 2 of my best friends sooner-they both have young babies and it'd be lovely to be able to pick up the fone to one of them anytime I'm worried- gonna try to hold off tho!
Luka Posts: 1904
Hi Sugarsweet, Try to take every day as it comes. you will see my ticker at the end, but don't be frightened by it. I have a beautiful 7 month old boy, after 2 miscarriages. I am telling you this, because, FIRSTLY, when I had the mc's, the bleeding did not stop, went from days into weeks. You had one small amount, which is now gone. Secondly, on my successful pregnancy, I had one small amount of bleeding between weeks 5 & 6. It lasted about an hour. It was implantation bleeding, so quite normal. everything sounds like it's going fine for you, how many weeks are you now? I know my second mc was at 10 weeks, but it was different in that, my pregnancy dated 10 weeks but stopped growing at 8 weeks, with 2 weeks of bleeding. So that 8 week mark is significant. I will let you in on a "secret"! I had a scan at 8 weeks this time, (on account of before). THe gynae I was talking to said to me " once you get to 12 weeks you'll be fine"! I said " OK well thats another 4 weeks"! Then he said " actually, once we see a heartbeat at 8 weeks & size is ok, the chance of misc is 2%, the same as it is at 12 weeks"! I couldn't believe it, he was basically saying that once you get to 8 weeks you might as well be at 12 weeks! It's as safe. I had my scan & baby measured 4 days AHEAD! SO THRILLED. I left hospital, 8 weeks pregnant & knew I was going to have a baby! & I have.
Waiting24 Posts: 355
Hey Sugar sweet I hope the stories youve heard here give you hope and encouragement. I was on knicker watch for the first 7 weeks and then one day i had a little pink spotting. I work in a hospital so i ran to the fetal assessment unit in tears and they scanned me 2 days before my scheduled scan and the little bean had a heartbeat. No more spotting. and have had a second scan at 10 weeks and i'm measuring ahead of my dates by 3 days. Nice strong heartbeat. So the chance of a mc is so minimal now but i'm still on knicker watch I think I'll be on it for the 9 months!! I did have a mc in June and the bleeding was horrific. So a little bit of spotting is nothing to worry about. HOpe you have a healthy pregnancy. :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: xx
sugarsweet2000ie Posts: 345
Thanks so much girls for sharing your stories and telling me how things were for you. I feel a million times better when I read these stories. I only found out on the 28th of November - told my two friends (one of them is pregnant too and going through the same journey, so was really nice to share with her) and I told my DH. He's a great support to, but like all men he just keeps saying "everything will be perfect!!" I have PCOS so my cycles are all over the place and so I don't have an accurate time scale of how long I am gone yet. My doctor thought about 4+ weeks on the 29th of November but I think I'm a little bit longer looking at OV dates etc!! I booked a scan at the Ultrasound suite for the middle of December so I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to that.. But again it seems like an ETERNITY away O:| O:| O:| My Mum and Dad are the most amazing people in the world and I know that it will MAKE their Christmas day so I can't wait to tell them on Christmas day. Even ordered a little scan frame from the USA so I can give it to them on Christmas day (fingers crossed it all goes well!!!) But I swore I wouldn't open it when it arrives until I know everything is ok. I'm so scared that I wont get to share this experience with them all in 3 weeks!! THREE WEEKS TO THIS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry the hell up..... All I want to see is a heartbeat and know that my little bean is safe and sound. Love all your stories - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Would be lost without you xxx P.S: Can you tell me, in your opinion - If I have the symptoms - sore boobs, crampy tummy, 'feel pregnant', spotty skin etc - Do you think I am safe enough? Do you think that's a good enough sign that everything is going ok? :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
Waiting24 Posts: 355
I think you're safe with those signs... I had my dh sweet the life out of my boobs to make sure they stayed sore! That was reassuring!!