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mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
of going into labour! i cannot wait until we get pregnant, but the thouhgt of going into labour really frightens me!! am i normal?! did/does anyone else feel the same? any tips??!!
micksmrs Posts: 931
One of the other girls on here told me about The Gentle Birth programme and I am going to look into this. I too am not looking forward to the birth but our bodies are built (at least I hope they are) to deal with it and hopefully nothing will go wrong. I am mostly saying this because we are pregnant and there is no going back now. What I can tell you though is it will be a lot easier to get the baby in there than to get it out. :o0 :o0 :wv
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
gentle birth thinkin 2x the drugs?!lol yes id prob agree its gonna be easier put get baby in than get baby out! he cant wait and iv told him im the only one havin to suffer, and his reply was yea but i have to suffer ur moanin!!....he then ran away!!lol bless him!! keep me posted on how ur gettin on pet!!x
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
anyone anymore tips for me?? :eek
TracyD Posts: 750
Hi there, I had a look at the link to your wedding website.....there's so much to think about for your big day...a lot of planning to do and decisions to advice would be to put as much preparation into preparing for your baby's birth as you will your wedding. Learn as much as you can about normal birth, what your options are and how you can make it one of the best days of your lives. Read books about positive birth (Ina May Gaskin is great!) We can't predict what will happen in labour but being prepared will get rid of a lot of your fears so you'll be more excited than afraid on the day. Tracy
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
thanks for that pet! we are not gonna try til after the wedding as i want to focus on one thing at a time and also make sure we have the money but lookin into it a bit now so as i no wat to expect at least! ta!!x