scared of weighing myself!

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consbride Posts: 31
Hi girls Does anybody else feel terrified of weighing themself? Last time I stood on those dreaded scales was around halloween. Scales packed in a couple of days later, and I'm terrified of getting new ones, cos I definitely feel fatter! Was 11st3 in october, absolutely terrified of seeing a 12 if I step on now :shock: !! Since living with H2B, have gained 2 stone :oops: ! - Would just love to be back in the 9's again! Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go for it, though I'm scared of seeing such an astronomical number that I'm too shamed/traumatised to leave the house ever again! Anybody else feeling weigh-in phobic??
Mrs Roma 365 Posts: 212
I don't think anyone wants to see the numbers on the scale, - particularly if you think they're going up rather than down, but I find I go the opposite way and end up weighing myself every day so that there are no suprises. Saying that, the power of seeing a digit going up or down sends me into unbelievable joy or sorrow as appropriate, so it's probably not terribly healthy. yesterday I was in tears for the first couple of hours because I had gone up a pound after working really hard on the diet all week and going to the gym twice a week (my most hated place in existence!). After all that, I dropped that same pound this morning! OK, maybe that's not entirely normal, :roll: but it might put your fear of weighing scales into perspective!! :) If you really do fear the weighing scales that much (and if you didn't before, I may well have put you off!!) :roll: then I would suggest that you don't use the scales at all. All you really want to be is a healthy weight, so if you use a pair of jeans that you want to fit into, then that's probably the best guideline. Just decide that chocolate is only going to be once a week, limit your tipple to reasonable amounts once a week, and make sure you're eating fruit and veg a plenty, you should see the results. You don't quite get the minutest detail of pounds and ounces that you would from a scales, but better still, you get the satisfaction of fitting into clothes you want to. I also find shopping for the clothes burns a few calories too!! :wink:
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Looking back the longer you leave it the worse it gets,im my opinion.I hadnt weighed myself for so long and when i did in my mams (on my own)i was a staggering 14ST 2 :oops: :oops: I then cried all the way home and then cried in H2B arms :cry: ...the week after i joined ww with my sister and was heavier by a few pounds also :oops: It gets to the stage when you know you have got so heavy that you are indeed afraid to get on one I would buy yourself a new digital scales(as i heard they are the best)and weigh yourself you might be shocked but it will be the start of your weightloss-just like me :D
Apple Posts: 161
Hi Consbride, I think if you want to loose weight the best way to do it is by shocking yourself on the scales. Until you have confirmation of your weight you can still live with a little bit of hope that maybe you are not as heavy and you dont have to start the diet yet.. I always find that when i am on the scales it shocks me enough to get into action!!! Mind you in saying that you can also be pleasantly surprised and that might give you more courage to get into the diet mode. Anyhow - best of luck with it...
queeny Posts: 117
Hi Consbride, I know its hateful but you just gotta do it. I bought digital scales about a year ago and got the biggest shock when i stepped on them. I'd been in Unislim and WW before and i always ended up putting the weight back on and more! It is easy to get obsessed and to be weighing yourself all the time but try not to do this, weigh yourself once a week, on the same day wearing the same clothes and write it down. This is what me and H2B have been doing since the New Year. Let me tell you, what we saw on the scales on the 3rd of January wasn't good but we both knew things had to change. So we weigh in every monday morn (which can be VERY depressing) but even if we know we've been bad we still do it, you just have to face the music and make up for it in the coming week, we all have good and bad doesn't make you a bad person!