sciatica pain??

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daffodilbaby Posts: 916
hi girls looking for some advice. im 30 weeks pregnant and suffering terrible pain in my left hip/bum which travels down back of my leg into knee. its agony. really affecting how i walk as i cant move my left leg as normal. really hurts to drive as i cant lift left leg to clutch. sitting too long doesnt help. washing floor earlier with mop and went to take a step backwatds on left leg and i fell to floor with pain. anyone else suffer this?? any advice as to how long it lasts or any tips to relieve pain
babyforus Posts: 1619
Gosh ya poor thing. Hope it eases up for you. Would you get a referral for your maternity hospital physio? I've been getting hip pain myself, had none of this first time round.
70schick Posts: 201
Cranio -sacral therapy saved me from this during pregnancy. I had nasty sciatica from weeks 20 to 30 but started cranio around 28 weeks. 5-6 sessions and not a bother once afterwards. Good luck, it's a dose.
looneytoon Posts: 181
I'm suffering from this too this time round. What a pain in the ass. I told them about it at one of my hospital appointments and they referred me for physio. I then rang the physio department and asked them to put me down for short notice cancellations as I would have been waiting weeks to get on the system otherwise. Once I was seen the first time they kept giving me follow up appointments so I have been in every week or two. They said it probably won't go away until after baby comes so you should try and get some physio so you will be able to manage it til then. Short walks, swimming and heat packs are good, as well as the exercises from the physio. 70schick can I ask what is Cranio -sacral therapy? Have never heard of it
70schick Posts: 201
Hi looneytoon, sorry I haven't been on here in ages. Cranio sacral therapy is basically fluid movement where pressure is taken or realeased off an area e.g. Sciatic nerve. It is done by applying gentle pressure. You leave your clothes on the area during the session. I found it amazing and the therapist could tell me the exact moment the area had released. It's really gentle and I think that works when you are pregnant and sore.
Yellow Duckie Posts: 36
Hi 70'sChick Would you mind telling me where this cranial sacro therapist is? Girls I have been signed off work the past 8 weeks with awful pain in my pelvis which is causing agonising muscle spasms in my calf muscle and more recently side of the knee. My consultant put me on Valium for it. Been to physios and chiropractors and its only this week it's been diagnosed as nerve pain. I tried accupuncture last week and have a tiny improvement. I totally sympathise with you all. I've 15 more weeks to go!!! Head wrecking! Xxx