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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Anyone tried this place? Thinking about making an appointment for initial investigations, at least I'll feel I'm doing something about it!! I've heard that Mary McCaffrey isn't the nicest of people though and to be honest I'm so emotional at the moment I'd break down at the drop of a hat Any other alternatives, I'm about 40 mins from Tralee and 2 hours from Cork - would Cork be a better option? Feel sick even thinking about making an appointment but can't cope with the disappointment each month :o( :o(
sagirl Posts: 205
Hi there, I was with them for a couple of years, I got my diagnosis of PCOS there and had all my fertility treatments there ( except my IVF treatments which I had abroad due to financial reasons) but all my experiences with them have been good, I found Dr. McCaffrey really nice, she is straight to the point, but thats what i like and she was very helpful in guiding me in the next step in my treatments. Dont be nervous, its a great feeling to take the bull by the horns and take charge of your fertilty, at least you will hopefully get a diagnosis and then you can start treatments etc. Best of Luck!
Flossie38 Posts: 653
Hi Lovethesite - I was in a very similar position with regards travelling, but I used to live in Cork & was on the waiting list for the fertility clinic in CUMH, which is where had initial investigations done & since the referal from there was to Cork Fertility Clinic, that's where we were about to go. I looked at Scotia Clinic only later on (didn't know it was there kind of thing), my only thing was that if we needed IVF it meant going to Sims in Dublin which was travelling anyway & that I would rather just go to one place & stay there for treatment, i.e. get the whole thing done in Cork if needed. However, dragging down to Cork was a pain in the hole, especially when was on clomid & had follicle tracking each month & I think if I hadn't been with CUMH to start with I would have looked more closely at Scotia. But hope springs eternal - we got our BFP (au natural after over 3 years), the week before our 1st IUI appointment & I am seeing DrMCC for my natal care, she's fine - business like, but when you're emotional I think that is easier to deal with. Don't lose heart, it is tough dealing with the disappointment each month, but you will feel better when you make an appointment and feel you're taking control a bit, and am sure you will get there :action32